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for Amor vincit omnia

7/13/2013 c7 SML
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.
9/25/2008 c7 1sierra's scarlet
Celtic rituals = amazingness. I'm quite impressed with this story. Much too happy to be a true myth since Remus was spared the guilt of murder, but much more satisfying that way.
6/25/2008 c7 dristi
hi, brilliant story! am in love with it!
12/20/2007 c7 werewolfsfan
Very detailed and interesting. Take a bow!
11/18/2007 c7 10Pixy Black
This story is brittliant for your first one!

I can't believe it only has nine reviews (excluding mine).

So good. Love it :D.
12/20/2005 c1 Molly
Yay, this was a great story too! I like how you made it very hard for him to get Sirius back, so it wasn't a cheap happy ending. I really wish he would come back *sniff* Keep it up!
10/7/2005 c7 TenFiftyOne
The story of this didn't particularly pull me in but MY GOD the magic did- it was incredible! *temporarily dies on it* WOW! I've read a few 'remus brings sirius back to life' fics but this is the only one that I think is believable. I loved the detail, I loved the existence of different gods- it was a completely different world to the ones I'm used to reading- I hope you write more like this!
9/14/2005 c7 16parhelia
Hoorah! You brought Sirius back! (A great thing in my opinion.) The relationship between Remus and Sirius was fab. I loved the celtic mythology too. I wouldn't say no to reading a sequel from you. Thanks for writing!
7/20/2005 c1 5siriusmoonlite
Absolutely a beautiful story. Love Airitech. And absolutely love that CDR found being a werewolf not a horrible thing. CDR would do anything for his lover and did. And my Siri is back!

Hope to see more of your stories!
7/20/2005 c7 siriusmoonlite
Andrea, this is an absolutely beautiful story. So love Airitech. Absolutely love CDR in this story. He found that being a werewolf was not a horrible thing. He gave everything for his lover. And my Siri is back!

Hope to see more stories from you.
5/12/2005 c7 36SongOfStars
OK could someone please explain to me why this only has 3 reviews? merlin this was a good fic!
5/7/2005 c7 dedetomkiewicz
YES ! Sirius is alive , we ! And Bella's gone ! Really really really great story, I LIKE IT ! Keep writing things like that, you're a wonderful author ! And maybe you should write a sequel ? I think it would be just brilliant ! Anyway, keep on the good work ! Audrey
5/2/2005 c3 dedetomkiewicz
W.O.W. This is just... Wow ! I can't even find the words to describehow I feel about this ! Your story is just so bloody wonderful ! Keep writing, you have a fantastic beggining ! Update soon ! Audrey

PS:Maybe you should make shorter paragraphs, 'cause when they're too long, people get lost between the lines... !
5/2/2005 c1 Apus-Equuleus
That was a very interesting start. I just sdore Sirius and Remus. Their love is just so canon.

Pls update asap. This story sound promising.

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