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for A family Past

1/22/2010 c4 6PEJP Bengtzone
I wonder what you got in plans for Akane.
1/22/2010 c3 PEJP Bengtzone
I hope Nodoka will go to hell.
1/22/2010 c2 PEJP Bengtzone
Will you continue this story in the future?
1/22/2010 c1 PEJP Bengtzone
You should continue this story, and I hope you're planning on letting the child left in the incubator, could become magically restored, and maybe raised as a healer and user of Mystic Arts, by Cryan.
3/29/2006 c3 1Ryu Vision
just wanting to point out that your story is good and looking forward to the next chapter...

i just got on bad thing to say about your fic...

the chapters are just two damn short... could be longer though.. hell you should read my newest fic coming out in about 2 weeks... the first chapter is long as hell.. i just haven't come up wit a name for my fic yet... lol. also check out my other to fic while your at it... just kidding.. but if you want to go ahead.. reveiew them to if you do read them... lolololololol...
10/15/2005 c3 2ranma hibiki
and once again ryoga proves his STUPIDITY is the strongest trait he has! even more so than his non existing sense of direction.

...wait a minuet!

if ranma is related to ranko and both of them are related to brittany...then does that mean they are all lycans?
10/13/2005 c3 3DarkRubberNeck
This seems to be an interesting story. The only problem I see with it is the grammer. Otherwise it seems pretty good^^
8/13/2005 c3 Darkman v3
great story just dont pair ranma up eith anyone from nerima akane included
5/9/2005 c3 1calamite
(Raises an eyebrow at this chapter) You lost me in the flashback. I don't think Genma would be aloud in the nursery. So I take it that the sick baby was Nodoka's but who hit Cryan from behind. Maybe Soun? I be waiting for the next chapter.

5/9/2005 c2 calamite
The story is still too short even with the Disclaimer.

5/7/2005 c1 Jerry Unipeg
Nice start.

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