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8/13/2005 c22 dacandymancan
and Folleni kept a relenting hail of bullets upon the car.? erm sint it meant 2 be unrelenting? not relenting?

but nise story
8/12/2005 c22 Aaron Gamemaster
Too lazy to log in.

I can't believe it's finally over! That story was supreme, nice closure. Can't wait to see more from you :)
8/8/2005 c14 Jin
“TOP-SECRET-DO NOT TOUCH, OR YOU WILL BE VIOLATING WITH FBI LAWS” its kinda funny how they make it so obvious *points* lol anyways good story. they must be stupid or something...
8/7/2005 c21 12Metal Harbinger
Interesting twist with the Mafia ambush and kind of hilarious too with the disgruntled civilian, all those people do is get in the way anyway and if you do shoot them you'll usually have a damned cop on you right away.

Good action sequence with the helicopter chasing the cars too.
8/5/2005 c21 14Aaron Gamemaster
Excellent... I thought that would be that last chapter, but I'm glad it's not. Nice yellow Sentinel ;) Can't wait for the ending. Peace
8/4/2005 c20 10Sorceress Cassandra180
Nice, a little more descriptions would be good. But anyway, damn! This is something that Rockstar should look into.

Keep up the awesome work!
7/31/2005 c20 12Metal Harbinger
Great action sequence, I would like to see something like that in an actual game right there, that would so be the SHIT!
7/30/2005 c20 AdoptedThugfan00787
7/28/2005 c19 14Aaron Gamemaster
Update now! Please! Very good J-O-B man, this story is excellent!
7/26/2005 c15 1Tesuma
I really like this story. totally awesome
7/25/2005 c18 14Aaron Gamemaster
Excellent two chapters... can't wait to see what happens next. Can't wait to find out how he gets revenge ;)
7/25/2005 c18 12Metal Harbinger
That was a pretty good conclusion to this chapter, definitely a good reminder of the difficult, but enjoyable (now that I look back upon it) Big Smoke mission "Wrong Side of the Tracks."

Take care man and looking forward to the next chapter!
7/23/2005 c17 2Actionmax
A comeback in Liberty City. Great.
7/20/2005 c15 12Metal Harbinger
A brief, but still good novelization of the "Breaking the Bank at Caligula's" mission, good work.
7/20/2005 c14 Metal Harbinger
Hey man, I'm back for the first time in nearly two weeks and it was good to incorporate another actual San Andreas mission into the game.

Yeah, I feel you on the shitty ass internet connection too man...
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