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12/31/2023 c11 Anonymous
You almost made me cry good job author
1/6/2019 c11 Rachel fan
I love this chapter
Thank you for making storys
9/18/2018 c11 Cameron
Great Job!
6/19/2018 c2 Guest
Nice tale.
But with a PS (post script) you don't add more s's you add more P's. As in post, post script. Post meaning after.
Sorry pet peeve
11/6/2017 c11 6Azarath Cat
This is a wonderful story. I wish I'd discovered it sooner!
12/29/2016 c6 Krusher
A vacuum would destroy the body.
8/30/2016 c1 thegreenestfield
Definitely.. *Cough* Didn't cry?
7/21/2016 c11 ravenisagoddess
I cried so hard. This was such a beautiful story!
6/16/2016 c11 Guest
EEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE THIS STORY! THIS IS THE BEST! I did kinda N think that it will end bad because of chalter 11's title ('Tearful Goodbyes'). BUT I LOVE IT! BBRAE FOREVER! NO, FIVEEVER!
10/30/2015 c1 8crystalclear123
*Gasp* Oh my God! Love it!
10/7/2015 c11 BlankRaven
luved it man
10/7/2015 c11 47Ravena Wolfborn
wow. just, wow. loved it so much! thank you!
4/5/2015 c1 Yuuko Miru
I read the summary, and knew she was gonna die. Still, I was toting for Cy to bring her back. I'm way too into this story.
3/2/2015 c11 1RavenSerendipity
Awwww. That was fantastic. The daylights saving time thing was brilliant. I mean, I know I always forget when that is and how relieved I am the next day that I find out I'm not late for class. I Imagine the relief of finding out its not too late to save Rae's life to be exponentially better. :)
11/3/2014 c4 24MusicalMelody001
' "It's not very far, so we'll just walk." Robin said nonchalantly.' Yes, coming from the guy who lives ON AN ISLAND!
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