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11/12/2008 c2 9hungryforcookies
Sweet! xD .. I loved it! :D:D

Please dont tell me that is the ending :[ ...

I dont want it to end :]..

11/25/2005 c2 514Rosa Cotton
I think you are turning me into a Eric/Meg shipper! I really liked this story. Ithink you wrote their point of views very well.

"He tries to convince himself that he did not love Little Meg. Meg? Did I just call her Meg? He shakes his head. No, he was most defiantly not in love with Meg Giry. There goes that dratted ‘Meg’ again, he thinks, somewhat annoyed that he is using her informal name that he hears the other ballerinas calling her all the time."

*giggles* That part got me in stitches. Another job well done.
9/11/2005 c2 5Jedi Knight Padme
Aw, this is lovely! Please update soon, because this is one of the best E/M's that I've read.
5/25/2005 c1 iesv
I like how he's drawn to despite himself. Very nice.
5/23/2005 c2 Rhapsody Arianna Serrano
Interesting... I like it!
5/14/2005 c2 Cherie
This is very interesting, please write more. I'm dying to read more.
5/10/2005 c1 3Countess Alana
hey good beginning! i like it so far! i love meg/erik stories so keep up with it! update soon! :)
5/10/2005 c1 1TheLastNightingale
Wonderful drabble! Short, concise, but with plenty of insight. It’s not so much what Erik is saying as it is what he *isn’t* saying. I especially loved that final surprise – where Meg acknowledges Erik without fear. It’s such a subtle gesture, but it truly speaks volumes.

Thank you for such a lovely and heart-warming fic.
5/10/2005 c1 Jules
This is wonderful please write more!

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