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6/26/2013 c11 3Fae Tiggular
OMO! That was great! :D
6/26/2013 c1 Fae Tiggular
Awwwwwww, for your first Wickedfic, this is really good!
2/16/2013 c11 86Ultimate Queen of Cliffies
This is so amazing - you're a really good writer and this story was just wonderful! Why haven't I ever read a story of yours before? Keep up the good work - I'm going to check out the rest of your stories now :).
3/5/2011 c11 Elphalinda

Your Story is really great!

I found it after reading the first chapter of the german translation, and I must say, I really like it.

Your style of writing is great, for me, it was good and easy to understand, and my English is just what you learn at school^^

I really liked it, that Elphaba and Glinda were able to change Boq and Fiyero back into humans, and I must agree: Lavender goes really good with green^^

So, I think I'm going to read others of your stories now!

4/18/2010 c11 XYZ12
I swear I almst cried reading this...and u should know I dont cry easily
10/11/2009 c11 10DEFiiANCE
What a simply amazing story :)
1/16/2009 c11 Scarileo
oh this is truely beautiful, and its everything i wish could happen ! I cried ALOT ! aww i love it thank you so much for coming up with such a wonderous idea
12/22/2008 c11 Elizabeth
Wow! That had a great ending! I hope that you'll write more!
3/26/2008 c1 ape975
cute story :)
9/5/2007 c10 1SingingthruLife
Oh, very nice story! Short, but sweet. Maybe one day it could be made longer and some detail could be added. Great job for your first fic, though! I love it!
9/2/2007 c11 HC0
This story demands a sequel! Please? Pretty please with chocolate on top? Milk chocolate? Israeli milk chocolate? Please?
8/20/2007 c11 1EpicDreamer
Cool story, cool ending. But I think it lacks something. I dunno though.

may your life be filled with magic

8/7/2007 c11 Elphiethegood
That was AMAZING! I LOVED IT. You are an amazing amazing amazing writer!
6/6/2007 c11 sarah xo
the fireworks..pink and green! love it! so cute how you made them say their lines from way back when. and now everone lived happily ever after! and elphie is "glindafied" thats the best part of all :D
6/6/2007 c10 sarah xo
ELPHIE, the new wizard of oz! how exciting! i have to read the last chapter to this right now before i leave to go out. another great story with amazing chapters! tally, you rule my life!
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