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for Breath Of Fire

9/14/2006 c3 Kouseki.Mizu
Hiya! i don't think your story is crappy! i really like it! so...continue please? *puppy dog eyes*
7/25/2006 c3 BiggestFan123
lol Nice story! Please continue! I am really really looking forward to the next chapters! So Update ASAP!

Your Biggest Fan! ...123...

I could really go for a slice of pizza right now...
1/14/2006 c3 missy
please,please,please update this story, i really got in to it, i thourght it was great.

luv missy x
9/17/2005 c3 ketsueki no izou
what is he *pouts* not human isnt good enough! update soon
6/28/2005 c3 Midnightmare
I liked it. I think that you should use a dragon attack on the town, just have it fly overhead or something, and make Kai wonder, and the rest look for explenations. Well, just a suggestion. Oh, by the way, when Max is done with the pellet gun, can I borrow it? I need to shoot him. You're not the only one who's sugar supply is low.
6/28/2005 c3 63SchoolBoredom
love it!

keep up the great work!

6/28/2005 c3 Yurrei
nice storie! write more chappters soon plz! like the med times thang! what is kai? is he some prince? a demon? a phoenix? is the black thing going to eat them? write very very soon!
5/25/2005 c1 nomad
5/25/2005 c2 Reader
Interestings story! We must read more and see what we think. We think it will be a very good story. ^_^
5/25/2005 c2 Inferno
I'm sorry about your chapter four and I can't wait to read what happens next. (OK so I've read some of it before) I like this story, it's a shame they took it down. They should give people warning so that it can be changed

Update ASAP!
5/25/2005 c2 SchoolBoredom
love it!

keep up the great work!

5/12/2005 c1 Aliss77
Nice Fic! Whats up with Kai? Anywayz, can't wait for an update!
5/12/2005 c1 SchoolBoredom
I read this before it got deleted on you...I know how you feel about of mine got deleted to.

anyway keep up the great work!


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