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6/14/2005 c1 Juli
Waking up with the Phantom. Pure perfection. :)

I liked her reluctance to get up.. it reminded me of... me? :)
5/25/2005 c1 iesv
Beautiful Liz. Just beautiful.
5/15/2005 c1 15Kyrene once Blood Roses
Do be do be do ::reviewing all your stories that have to do with POTO:: This was so cute. I love it I love it I love it! ^_^. Please, Keep Writing these stories!
5/14/2005 c1 27Nota Lone
aw. They're cute together.
5/14/2005 c1 23Legwarmer

how very interesting! just keep writing, i'll follow this one.
5/14/2005 c1 h sibelius
5/14/2005 c1 3Countess Alana
hey! i really like this! i totally love erik/meg stories! keep up with the awesome work and i cant wait for more! :)
5/14/2005 c1 Edda
Ah...fluff...especially Erk/Meg fluff! AHA! I love it. Keep the work up-it's better than wonderful!
5/14/2005 c1 Jules
*Sque* Sweetness galore! I've probably said this in every review I've sent you but keep them coming! There's not enough E/M love in the world!
5/14/2005 c1 16X-Bride
Aw! That was so sweet! Personally, I think Meg (or Christine) would be best paired with Erik! I applaud you to the highest! Keep it up! Please do more chapters! Please! I am a huge Phantom of the Opera fan and I enjoy all stories, but so far, this was the sweetest! Continue! ^_^
5/14/2005 c1 14Ella O'hara
I likie! even though i'm usually in favor of E/C, this is really good. Bravo!
5/14/2005 c1 11fictiongurl
aw. will there be more? i think there should be more. hehe.
5/14/2005 c1 14Warriormaid 3000
OMG IT'S SO SWEET! I love the E/M paring and this story was so good. Simple but good. I love it!

PS. Are you by any chance on the forums? I thought I recognized your screen name
5/14/2005 c1 2ContradictoryOrien
Is this...a one-shot? I hope it isn't...
5/14/2005 c1 5DragonheartRAB
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