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4/9/2002 c2 2Alex and Michiko
Emily:Yeah, how! *suddenly goes Neadertal* Grr. Want more story. Give story. NOW. *grabs you by the collar and shakes*

Michiko:X| D'oh! Put the nice author-lady down, Em-chan.

Emily:*snarls into your face* MORE STORY!

Michiko:PUT. HER. DOWN.

Emily:*suddenly goes back to regular, blushes* Oh., please? Pretty pretty please? Could I have some more story soon? It's late, and I'm trying to find a completed 1X2 story so I can go to bed. I got kinda upset 'cuze I like this one, and I want to read the rest. That's the annoying thing about FF.Net: no guarantee that there's an ending. Hmph. Well I guess I'll just have to go-oh no! I forgot to put you down! *sets you on your feet gently* Erm. *goes chibi* SOWWY! So sowwy! *hugs your knees* Youwa nice awfer ladie. More stowwy soon?

Michiko:Sorry...c'mon Emmy-chan, let's go find something to read.

Emily:^_^ kk! *happily detaches from your legs, and grabs Michiko's hand, who promptly leads her away, sending apologetic glances back to you*
4/9/2002 c1 Alex and Michiko
Can somebody, ANYbody tell me what the heck this thing pocky is and why everyone's always treating it like gold!
10/5/2001 c2 the mysterious a
you were watching duo? or youd like to...sigh...cartoons...i dont think ill ever understand you
7/23/2001 c2 Coy
Heeey.. that's nowhere to end an amusing fic! Hn. Hope more's posted soon.. I like it! Just wondering what you're going to do about Heero and Hilde... and heh. Spying authoress with an invisible cloak. o.o Scary.
6/3/2001 c2 Redyhawk
4/26/2001 c2 8Axisor
LOL! great! loved it (snuck on at school! have no time to do ANYTHING fic wise at home... i'm glad someone seems to find the time though!) can't wait to see what you've been concocting for the next part! keep up the work! :þ
4/18/2001 c2 3Gothic Valley Girl
that was good, write more
4/16/2001 c2 dem0nfl0wer
4/13/2001 c2 13ZB
*munches pocky* *sucks down Mountain Dew* Oooooooh, Duo as a prince! Yay! *drools* Heehee, poor Hee-chan. Oh, well, he'll live. Hmm, I wonder what's the difference between I-just-woke-up-and-I'm-starving Duo and I'm-a-really-kawaii-hot-sugoi-prince-and-I'm-starving Duo? Ja ne! ~~}~~~~
4/13/2001 c1 8Axisor
LOL! very cute! i applaud how well it was written too! :þ
4/10/2001 c1 48Magick
*laughing* ohhhh man! your stories are as funny as mine are..well...not. This is a gem...comical!
4/6/2001 c1 hypergirl
*reviewing to find out what happens next* Nice!^_^
3/30/2001 c1 12Katchan00
::falls over:: hmm... can we say... put the little braided prince with Heero? ::cough:: i mean... um... go hilde? ::looks around to see that there is noone there:: well screw this then... GO HEERO! WE LOVE OUR 1 x 2! WOO HOO! ::regains composure:: Letsee now... well, she can always pop out of hammer space off and on to watch Duo, if all else fails.
3/28/2001 c1 dem0nfl0wer
haha- this is too cute :) Duo ends up with the servant boy, right? Right?
3/28/2001 c1 Naie
haha...very cute! Quite funny...I wish I could do AU, but my writing coach forbids it...she cut my 3x4 'in a scotish tavern' story patheticly short. Ah...I guess that's the way it is though, at least I still get away with my romp, one has to be wildly OOC in some form or another. (surprise surprise, master of very short reviews has come up with something fairly presentable...yea! )

-xoxoxo, Naie-

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