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4/11/2016 c6 9PilotDante
Oh, darling Galahad and his happy face 3
7/30/2015 c22 11IzzyBells
I'm gonna cry. Holy shit. It's probably pms but still. Or it could be that it's 4:15 and I've been reading this since like ten, straight through. Wow, though. The pain and suspense and giggles and pain this story has put me through...I love it. Job well done, bro.
4/3/2014 c1 112ZabuzasGirl
Update immediately, please!
7/15/2013 c22 1thetinroof
This was a beautiful ending though it made me smily sadly a little that they're getting older, with a new generation coming. But it's so peaceful and happy, I'm going to miss this story so much. It's one that I never want to end. Anyway, thank you for writing such an amazing story! I'm glad that I stopped to read it! :D _
7/15/2013 c19 thetinroof
My favourite part of this chapter was the dance! It just shows how they know each other so well. And I laughed at the way Tristan just casually sits back down in the end like it was nothing.
7/15/2013 c16 thetinroof
I HAD to review on this chapter. It made me cry. And I'm so happy that you didn't let him die. You've made me really fond of Roxana. She's strong and smart and suits Tristan perfectly. I love their playful sweet relationship. It always makes me smile. You've done an amazing job with this story.
3/10/2012 c22 6Kristall
Does reviewing six and a half years after you finished this count as reviewing for old times sake?

Lol, this was a wonderful story! Some parts made me laugh, some made me cry, some made me angry as all get out with the characters, and some made me cheer. Basically went through the whole emotional spectrum, but then again a good story will do that! It's not often that I find a story that will do so either, so kudos to you for a job well done!


P.S. I'm now on my way to check out your other work. This story has made me curious!
8/22/2011 c22 Ace0508
This is the best Tristan/OC story I've read so far. Bravo! :)
5/31/2011 c22 2Gwilwillith
I really enjoyed reading this. Great story.
2/6/2011 c22 6Imaginary-Warrior
I love this story so much! You make the characters so realistic and it's so easy to relate to them. They are well developed and who doesn't love a good romance? This is amazing :)
5/23/2009 c22 7Lady-Finwe
oh my god that was fantastc there arnt words to discribe how good it is and to have a chapter at the end to say how well it went was good so we arnt left to wonder, LOve tristan :) congras great writing and cant wait to read ur other stories :)
6/30/2008 c22 1Luv2FigureSkate8
Absolutely one of the best stories i've ever read! Well Done!
1/25/2008 c22 5Songorita
Loved it! I have to say this is one of my favorite Tristan/OC Stories.
12/4/2007 c22 24Soccer-Bitch
amazing story. very well done. one of the best I have read.
8/23/2006 c22 17Rodidor
awesome story
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