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for Birth into Darkness rewritten and improved

12/20/2012 c4 8ShadowOfTheProphet
I really wish you would continue this. It is very good. It sort of makes me think of Dracula and Interview with a Vampire every time I read it.
4/10/2007 c4 7TabbyKit
Please continue this story! I know it has been forever since you have updated, and I'm sure that the plot bunny has gone into hibernation, but I think it is time that it wakes up! I love vampire stories, and I love your story is the perfect combination. Again, please continue!

3/17/2006 c1 jack
OK, so i read this fanfic along time ago, when i say this, i really mean A VERY LONG time a ago. i know that you might have er... ditched this, but this fanfic is really good and you should really finish this. Even though you don't have a lot of reviews, im pretty sure there are a lot of people that read this and really enjoyed it,there are just some people that are to lazy to review, LIKE ME FOR EXAMPLE! So please contine with this, the plot is so awesome. i also noticed this and your other fic on ADMM FANFICTION.

SO please continue with this and the other story.

10/16/2005 c4 neveryoumind
that was great, but some more would be fantastic
8/24/2005 c4 6young wiccan
aw, this is interesting, but I like your older one better, even if you add to this one, could you maybe please add to the old one, because I really liked it.
6/10/2005 c3 15Leta McGotor
What a plan! She had to become, he doesn't let her any chance. I'm wondering how she would react and maybe you could make your chapters a little bit loneger? Anyway keep writing.
6/7/2005 c3 14Palanfanaiel
Yay! Another chappie! I especially liked this one, it was longer, plus I love the way you write the whole thing. And well, the idea of a vampire fic really entrances me... =)

Hugs Pal
6/1/2005 c2 Palanfanaiel
We, you updated... =) A bit short, but fab anyway =)

Hugs Pal
5/23/2005 c1 Palanfanaiel
Yay! Pal likey, very muchie! =) Im glad to find Im not the only one, looking at past stories, and finding them so poorly written I might be sick or just hide frome embarrashment! But hey, I'm sure yours weren't that bad! Anyway, I like this, and are looking very forward to the next chapters, I know I can expect the best of you =)

Pal =)
5/16/2005 c1 15Leta McGotor
I've read the first one and am curious about you new one.
5/15/2005 c1 77Always Hopeful
Hm... *quirks a brow* Very interesting indeed! I am liking the feel of this story. Can't wait for more! ~Always Hopeful~

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