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6/9/2007 c12 3Dragon Lady Prankster
Wow, that's interesting. It's nice to see someone do a story about some of the minor characters for once. Your interpretation of them is interesting too and works well with the canon universe.
11/11/2006 c12 1TheGoodShipWolfstar
Wow, i loved that story so much! I read the first 11 chapters on MugglenetFF and i just couldn't wait to find out the ending, so i came looking for you here, hah. Very nice. I've never read an Wood or Flint story before, let alone a Wood/Flint one, but you made it work well.


8/26/2006 c12 AishanuSoma

that story was just awesome!I'd really liked it!I was sure that chelsie was dead!

good work and I hope your other fanfiction are just like this one!^^


p-s: sorry if I have some mistake I'm not done with my english training yet!^^"(I'm french canadian)
6/8/2006 c12 13imakeeper
aww that was cute... sequel?
6/4/2006 c11 imakeeper
poor flint this sort of sounds familiar... dont have higgs rig flint's scores lol
5/4/2006 c10 imakeeper
wow... i just never thought i would see charlie like that...
3/17/2006 c9 25NothingToulouse
Oh dear, I really like this story! Normally I'm not the Wood-and-Flint-were-friends-supporter, but this is just too beautifully written! Nice plot and especially the last chapter was great!

Way to go!
3/6/2006 c9 143redcandle
Why did I think Marcus's sister was a Slytherin all along? Anyway, poor Marcus. I suppose it'll be several months before you update again, right?
3/6/2006 c9 13imakeeper
3/5/2006 c8 Crydee
OMG, You have to finish this!
2/8/2006 c7 16Burnt-Pigeons

And, you do know that Chapter five is like...chapter five from a teen titans fic or something? Just so you know. I didn't get to read ch. 5. T_T
1/4/2006 c8 143redcandle
Loved it.
12/31/2005 c8 13imakeeper
wow. that was so unexpected. i wonder what angle you are playing at. its good though and waiting for the next update
12/26/2005 c7 Contestar
Aww Marcus is just so adorable isn't he?

I love this fic, and apart from the ten or so errors I've found in it it's got a great plot as well as some great characterisations.

I also have an idea now as to how the rift between Oliver and Marcus was created, but I'd love to know for sure, so please update!
11/28/2005 c7 5vegiegurl
And the plot thickens...
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