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for Neon Genesis Humangelion

11/10/2005 c13 3matt020388
All joo bases r belong 2 us! or something like that...SPAM!
9/29/2005 c11 matt020388
Here's another review. I could hype up your story, but I figure a higher review count will do the same thing. *sigh* spam...
9/27/2005 c1 VrtraHex
I like the spin you put on things. It's a very intresting way to see what might have happened if the eva cast was replaced with the angels. I like it.
9/15/2005 c7 5Epyon the Bored

But just so you know, you could have saved yourself a ton of writing by using my favorite Eva trick: Scale. Escaflowne is in the order of 30 feet tall, while Unit Shinji (assuming the Humangelion is still as big as the Evangelion) is closer to 210 feet tall. Just having the Human step on Esca would probably have been funnier. Just an idea.
9/13/2005 c6 3matt020388
Oh, and did I say SPAM!
9/13/2005 c4 matt020388
Hey, do you think I'll get in trouble for putting up another pointless review...yeah, probably not. SPAMNESS
9/13/2005 c2 matt020388
Hey, did you know you can only review once a chapter? Well now you do. L33T 5P4M!
9/13/2005 c10 matt020388
Yay! ...wait! WTF! I didn't get any credit! I'm sueing! My settlement will be...crap! You don't have anything I can use. Awesome chapter, I would've laughed out loud, but I did read it about 5 times already. Oh, did you know I make up half of your 12 reviews?
9/4/2005 c5 5Epyon the Bored
Oh YEAH! You KILL that Eva, Shinji!

Excellent chapter!
9/1/2005 c2 Epyon the Bored

But sacrifices must be made...


Hee hee hee!


This is GREAT! NEVER stop writing this!
8/31/2005 c1 3matt020388
SPAMMED! Some of it's good, some of it you could use an anti-necro god cannon on because it's dead. I like it though so...SPAM!
6/24/2005 c5 matt020388
this is stupid, but this is just to correct my last review. I feel stupid, so I'm blaming the computer for making me type 30 instead of three thousand. See that's a big difference! Oh, decent chapter by the way.
6/22/2005 c4 matt020388
Hey, just noticed that you don't have a lot of reviews. I like it, but then again I'm destined to be in a mental institution. But I figure that the way I look for good stories is by the number of reviews. I'm writing this becuase I just finished an awesome kami-like Inuyasha story that had over 30 FREAKING REVIEWS! Maybe you should put a contest at the end or ask for suggestions. Then again, this is just a story you are supposed to write for just don't push it. You probably have a job (I escaped from a Wendy's!), hm...this review is too long and off topic. *Dies for no reason whatsoever*
6/5/2005 c3 7ze-poodle

Did I laugh at this? I think I did.
5/24/2005 c2 matt020388
Where were the barbies? *ahem* I-uh-um mean: Much better in my opinion. Some better than others, I loved the line: “The abandoned hillside where no one will hear my screams?” And Gendo/Adam's an outgoing stupid alcoholic bastard now...I like it. Make sure Rei/lillith is a little different, but not too much. Oh, and I think that person wanted a list of angels and their corresponding characters up to this point. It's Adam:Gendo, Sachiel:Shinji, Lillith:Rei, Israfel:Misato, Sandolphon:Ritsuko, and Zeruel:Futysuki(?) add on a the end each time someone new comes, including evas.
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