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for What if Harry & Co found ffnet Version 2

11/16/2005 c1 Ashleybook club security
I like it so much better than the first time around, more depth and detail makes it so much nicer. I guesse I can understand why you put this separet from the original. It's lind of like potatoe chips, original is good, flavored is better, but the original is what lead to the flavor.

I like the picture I got from reading te last sentince. Aw so cute.
6/3/2005 c3 miss potter-malfoy
cute story! please update
5/15/2005 c3 1skrsmile
snape and lupin! lol
5/15/2005 c1 skrsmile
this is hilarious. it is probobly more hilarious to me b/c my friend is a harry/draco freak but it still is.

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