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for Dreams Of Our Fathers

2/12/2017 c5 1Mate-of-Sesshy
nooooo u didn't c that coming I have to know more
3/26/2011 c5 3MoonLunacy
Update soon!
6/10/2008 c5 Ai Koden
This is most definitly my favorite story. I love this story and everything about it. I'd say my favorite parts are with Sango and Sesshomaru. Please, please update soon. I hate waiting for this storys updates. Its so good!
6/8/2008 c5 AmberLocke
This is getting so good! i love the drama...please keep updating!
2/24/2008 c4 Anonymous
This is a really interesting story;I like how it is in a different time period. I didn't exactlly care too much for the ending, but all in all it is a great story. Please update soon, even thought it's been about a year.
11/2/2007 c4 Ai Koden
Ohh you have GOT to update this soon..this has got to be the BEST story i have ever read..its so interesting and i have NEVER read anything set in this time i love it! please update soon its so god :)
10/31/2007 c4 9Nightfall2525
Hi long time no read and for that i am sorry...

your story starting to get good, so how will you have Sesshy and Sango fall in love?

what will he just one day walk up to her and kiss her? then say in her ear, "i have all ways loved you, please forgive me?"

update ASAP i have to know more...
10/30/2007 c4 3LadyRedEyes
Aww man! That was good and i just wrote a half page to it cuz i didnt know you were finished! lol. Oh well, maybe we can just put what i wrote on the next chappie or something. Well give me a call when u can mk? Ttyl

10/29/2007 c4 Tim
This is for whole story so far which i just read...

You really are a better writer than you give yourself credit for and you need to keep writing. Aside from a few grammer and amphibolies it's a good. remember F7 is your friend ; ). I;ve said this in a different review i did for AFLM you need to specify who's talking sometimes, you have a few where it's just a mysterious voice. Anyway good story and ii look forward to the next chapter.
9/20/2007 c3 The Great Empress
totally love your story!

it has a really interesting plot

and the descriptions are very complete

update soon!
9/17/2007 c3 9Nightfall2525
that was good not late Sango cry in to Sesshy's chest and hit him as he holds her...
9/17/2007 c3 3LadyRedEyes
F$%& it didnt work for the XOXO, gomen! I guess its just not meant to be yet or something. Love the chappie adn cant wait to make more stuff! Love u lots. Ja ne!

Your Sis Kagome!
9/17/2007 c3 5Anonimoose
I really like this story. And I thought that you wouldn't update and it would become just another forgotten story. Really glad that I was wrong about that one! Hope for more soon! :)

P.S. Is it sick that I think the fact that they are in the mob is sexy? I guess I've got a serious thing for bad boys, but I don't think that good. Hm...
8/16/2007 c2 Anonimoose
I know it's been forever since you updated this story, but I realy like it. So...I decided to review and hope and pray for an update sometime soon. :)
7/19/2006 c2 13Stand Alone Origin
O.O Someone got shot AGAIN. Wow. *Note sarcasm* Update soon, please!
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