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for This Final Heaven

3/24 c27 2Malkin Nott
I am not sure whether or not the battle could’ve been extended especially with the duel between the knights. I did think however that it was both heartbreaking and absolutely amazing and that mixture absolutely kills.
3/24 c26 Malkin Nott
I know he was going to do that. That is why the last chapter destroyed me. I am an absolute wreck right now. I blame you so much! I gotta go read The Game again. Or something!
3/24 c25 Malkin Nott
I feel like I can never ever do a better review with an extra readthrough because I will always say the same thing.

And I will say this: this chapter absolutely destroyed me.
3/24 c24 Malkin Nott
I can’t take it anymore I have to review and drop a line. Finally something is going right I have come to this conclusion multiple conclusions in this chapter that literally should have been made seven chapters ago by certain people who are SUPPOSED TO BE smarter than I am! I mean they live in that world and acquired university degrees but I do not have any of those factors.

Dr Shipey’s caution? ON FRICKING POINT. The other part is that I can’t believe that Quistis is so bad with connecting the dots. However, on second thought, since the GFs do have the tendency to just suck in memories, I can cut her some slack. Something I really despise about this portrayal of Quistis is that she is super closed off, practically borderline narcissistic in regards to Seifer. I can’t fault her for it because of the way she is as a person and how she developed into that person. You are just such an excellent writer for all of these characters and I truly believe that the end of the story is going to make me hurl something at my phone just like Jennifer Hudson hurls shoes at singers she absolutely goes gaga over.
3/23 c16 Malkin Nott
Waiiiiit a meeeneeeet! I thought the airship Laguna lent Quistis’s squad was named Heimdall?

12/23/2017 c28 7AzaleaFaye
I’ve been a fan of your FFVIII works since Waiting for Magic. You’re freaking brilliant. This story in particular is so constructed and written so well. Bravo! Thank you for blessing us with your work.
6/8/2017 c16 AzL
Omg! What's wrong with you Raijin. Hahahaha
6/7/2017 c7 AzL
Finally, Seifer..
10/30/2016 c28 Tjxlol
Amazing work, definitely keep writing
10/30/2016 c28 Theia
I see it's been quite a while since you wrote this, and you've no doubt moved on since, but I found this story by chance while I was off sick from work and finally finished reading it. What a brilliant ride!

This is the best piece of fanfic I've read in years and has just become one of my favorites. I adore the plot and how you've wovern it together with the game's lore so authentically. It's been a while since I've read something that has kept me in suspense and on the edge of my seat, but I genuinely looked forward to having the time to read this in the evenings. I'm sad I've reached the end, but what a great read! This is the characterization that Quistis deserved but didn't get in canon. There's so much I loved about it: the character development, the world building, the attention to detail - I could go on. I couldn't stop reading.

So happy I found this. Thank you for sharing :D
11/30/2015 c28 3Sapphire Lazulii
Oh man, I am SO glad I stumbled across this fic. It's so different from the many others I've read and I've loved every minute of it. The dynamics between the characters, the way relationships grew, Riona and Hyne. It was a pleasure to read and I struggled to put it down once I'd started. Just brilliant!
11/29/2015 c28 15Girl-chama
So many damned thank yous. It has been a marvelous ride.
11/29/2015 c25 Girl-chama
11/29/2015 c19 Girl-chama
Oh wow. A completely dead GF. Poor Irvine. There has to be a kind of psychological trauma there, I'm sure. Glad they brought down the first beast, but something tells me the second one will be worse.
11/29/2015 c18 Girl-chama
I don't believe you, Hyne! We'll find a way!

I certainly like the expounded my this in this chapter, and explanation of the story title :). Of course the secret area scene was delicious.

Really proud of Quistis, and I have waited for this moment for her- this process of growth and questioning that has caused her to, not reject Garden, but certainly mature further. I'm so dang curious as to how they are going to stop all of this madness.
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