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4/4/2011 c8 angelwings8
I like cheesy.
6/29/2008 c8 14RyanKathrynCelia
I liked very much so, thanks for sharing this!
4/10/2007 c8 hailey
Truely fantastic work!
11/13/2006 c3 2ShipperCrazed - FanFicCrazy
Well Bust My Buttons...of course I do!
11/13/2006 c2 ShipperCrazed - FanFicCrazy
Dont like twist! Allison is House's woman! And what is this snake up to...making a phone call right away...and he has a different name? SuperHouse to the rescue!
9/15/2006 c8 20Savior Emma Swan
Just a little cheesey, but good. Nice work although I think you could have made it much longer.
9/15/2006 c2 Savior Emma Swan
Woah... what now?
10/15/2005 c3 1HoorayTheWeird
I REMEBER ABOUT THE WIZARD OF OZ! And I read your profile. I think (judging by what I gather of your personality) that you might get a kick out of Rent the musical. I know I did and I like all the musicals you like.
10/15/2005 c1 HoorayTheWeird
I WAS gonna read that other House story you wrote Er..Vacation I think, but it said that this was the sorta-prequel and I need all the House I can get. It's all that keeps me going till November.
6/18/2005 c1 3troubledXlouie
Yay Lizzie you rock
6/7/2005 c8 2Claire Hall
Sque-*"Clear!" shouts Doctor Chase-* *gasp* That was...really amazingly good, acutally. Just wish Chase was in it. What did he DO, anywho?...
6/4/2005 c8 1Ancient Doctor
Wah! Yes! You should keep writting! It was awesome what House did! This is one of the coolest stories!
6/4/2005 c8 1Mrs Boyscout
He kissed her on the *forehead*! Come on, you gotta' give us more than that! You need to write a sequel now that Dr. Drugdealer is out of the picture! Great job.
6/3/2005 c8 14jeevesandwooster
i like cheesy.
6/3/2005 c8 4Flightless Falcon
That was a great story keep writting! The ending wasnt to cheesy I LOVED IT!
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