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5/16 c8 monay9e
Please keep writing. This story is fantastic
5/15 c6 sad
Anarkia chapter 6. It is hilarious that you cannot follow your own storyline. Your story claims that no one can mark a person of Nightshades the first year after graduation. Yet, you do. I guess I should thank you so I can move on to something else. If you cannot follow your own storyline, how are we supposed to? Simply hilarious.
4/14 c2 yochan123
it should have been obvious to snape, and also should have let harry gone to gringotts. plus as AN INNER CIRCLE DEATH EATER HE WOULD HAVE KILLED AND RAPED COUNTLESS PEOPLE - honestly don't see why any fic seeks to redeem this shit since he led harry's parents to their death
4/14 c1 yochan123
i despise snape so much
2/15 c8 azura191
bonjours à vous... j'adore ton histoire... y a t'il une suite. 3
1/15 c6 FotoDi

Why do Seers exist in a magical world?
They don’t need “help” from the Fates.
Maybe it is to screw them up — like some
sort of universal handicap — because the
Wizards can’t seem to stop trying to use
Magic to change the denouement, affect
the acceleration, substitute key players,
etc. It’s like their egos can’t resist tampering.
10/16/2021 c1 azura191
Hi I hope that you're well?
here I am writing to you to know if there is a sequel to certain stories?
kind Anarkia which is great. or not at all.? here you are well. and thank you for writing for us readers. :)
9/30/2021 c5 FriendlyFire59
8/14/2021 c8 17mylife9
such an interesting story! the careful maneuvering of everything is very well done. so interested to see what comes after this new year's eve - how does voldemort react to the attack? what will dumbledore (possibly) due with richards' file? what is julian himself really doing, and when will his plan finally come to fruition.

truly great! thanks for writing and sharing.
6/24/2021 c8 ToddGilliss
More please
6/21/2021 c1 Periain
This is THE best and THE most original story I've ever read in any fandom, and I was so bummed when I came to the end. :( I try to continue it in my head, but my version doesn't have your voice. Thank you for sharing this, and I HOPE your writing muse returns.
6/7/2021 c8 Mateusz
5/20/2021 c2 Guest
I put up with the vampires from the school but was hoping it wouldn’t continue :/ hate when authors add them because why? What’s the point? Put that in the summary so next time someone who doesn’t want to read about vampires won’t read this garbage
5/12/2021 c8 Jdoughten
I very much enjoyed this story. I know it is unlikely that you will continue it, but I thought you should know that it is still being read.
4/16/2021 c8 Egg
Well, reading this 5 years later, i gotta say. God damn what a story. Your writing is simply put, amazing. It builds the suspense, the fighting scenes are excellent. I am enthralled with what Julian is planning. I wish there was more, but i understand how life is. Excellent writing, be proud of this.
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