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1/13/2019 c8 kitty1213
Been 2 years since you updated. Hope you get back to it soon.
12/28/2018 c8 Aya
Well, whatever happends, I hope Sev will be ok... Please update, I can't wait to read more!
12/26/2018 c8 Marangatang
This is an absolute gem!
12/16/2018 c8 Sypho Dias
Damn awesome story! This is truly unique. Please update soon.
12/14/2018 c8 3PuffsOfPygmys
If you would like a beta, I’d be more than happy to go over these chapters and work on grammar and what not. I’ve enjoyed your story and I hope to see more when your muse comes back!
11/15/2018 c8 Guest
2 YEARS and still nothing. What a waste of talent
11/6/2018 c8 16Corwalch
I am the last one who has a right to complain about slow updates, but I do hope this hasn't been abandoned, cause I really want to see how it ends.
11/4/2018 c8 Heliothrope
it's one of the best so please the following chapter pleeease!
10/24/2018 c1 igkmb
10/24/2018 c8 Hortensia
Gorgeous story, very intriguing and I’m very happy to have read this. If you ever find the time and inspiration to continue this I’ll be happy to read that as well. Wishing you well, take care!
10/22/2018 c8 nessiesmith2012
love the story, even with the 2 years with no update this is going into my favorites.
10/21/2018 c8 Raven Evans-Black
Is this fic abandoned or will you be updating soon
10/20/2018 c8 morcheller
So sad when an excellent story, such as this one, dies an early death.
Here's hoping that someday the author's muse will return and we'll get to enjoy the conclusion.
Thanks for an enjoyable read and as I say, hope to hear from you again someday.
8/14/2018 c8 lovefanfictions72
I read this book in one sitting. A very interesting and unique plot. very well written and extremely enjoyable. Thank you! I sincerely hope you continue and hopefully finish this work!
8/11/2018 c8 Jadzia
This is absolutely wonderful. It almost feels like a fusion, but the new elements are original, interesting, well plotted and detailed. I really hope you continue this at some point. Your original characters are well developed, multi faceted and interesting in and of themselves. Your world building is brilliant. Your fight scenes are excellent - clear and exciting without being boring. I also love your descriptions of the various potions related tasks. Also, I want to punch Voldemort in the face, which is my best indicator that he's written well.
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