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6/23/2005 c3 dogsbody
I think Kirsten knows something's amiss. But She's afraid, to upset Everyone by asking; this is solid writing. I liked the tension.
5/27/2005 c3 44Ansy Pansy aka Panz
Oh oh oh


Aw love it!

Esp the bit about Sandy being addicted to Kirsten

But all of them were great, really great

The little pauses and everything

And Seth with the car at the end!

Will you be doing any more? Maybe when she comes home or anything? Pwease!
5/25/2005 c3 Lonnie
5/25/2005 c3 39EmmaMary
that was good!
5/25/2005 c3 kandylover1

That was soo good! I like how ryan showed his true side and let kirsten really say how she was feeling. I also liked how he said sandy misses her like crazy. Very heartbreaking. I can't believe you are ending it! How could you? lol. Please write more about this subject soon.

luv ya hun

5/25/2005 c3 danyjoncew
I loved the "sandy is addicted to you" thing. I love Kandy. =]

The talk with Ryan is great. And I think you really catched Kirsten's personality.
5/25/2005 c3 beachtree
Good chapter in that Ryan, despite how hurt he must be by Kirsten's lashing out at him, can speak freely about certain things to her with a level of some comfort. The fact that would he would get Sandy or Seth first is so true-sad, but true. I guess it makes sense he would politely ask about her and be supportive and talk about everyone else, but nothing about himself. Kirsten also took the easy way out and asked about Marissa right away and changed the subject away from Ryan. These two really need to make some sort of connection.
5/25/2005 c3 Marybeth
omg! like i said before, i love this phone convo to her boys! it really showed that she does miss them and is sorry for putting them all through that! thanks so much! i love this story!
5/25/2005 c3 Cynthia
Great conversation, even though I was "waiting" for an "I'm sorry for what I told you last time".

But it's ok, it was really, really good.
5/25/2005 c2 Cynthia
Aww, soo sweet!

It's so good to know you decided on writing more than one-shot!
5/25/2005 c3 Christina
Wow great job I love this little story and the part about Seth and the car was perfect. keep up the great work and I hope you decide to write more soon
5/25/2005 c2 Christina
Great job I can't wait to read the Ryan part, I hope they do this in the show however I have a feelling Kirsten will just be back like the first episode. Great job and I think you hav the chartacters down perfectly
5/25/2005 c2 1Cohen-girl
Great stuff! Can't wait to see the conversation between Ryan and Kirsten. Please continue!
5/24/2005 c2 Marybeth
omg! i am so glad you wrote this! i love that conversation between kirsten and seth...i love it! i can't wait for you to write the one with Ryan and Kirsten! thanks so much for this wonderful chapater and please please post some more!
5/24/2005 c2 Kate
This is a great story! You should do a chapter for Ryan too!
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