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8/16/2005 c3 Krows Scared

any more coming?
8/16/2005 c2 Krows Scared
Hey I'm in tears too I really should stop reading these things when I'm feeling hormonal *chuckle* (OMG they killed Naruto) great little story
6/6/2005 c3 14crazyanimefreak15
*sobbing uncontrolable for an hour before able to say anything* NARUTO! YOU BAKA! WHY DID YOU DIE!
5/29/2005 c3 eruza
(cryin' while talkin') r u happy, u did it, u made me cry. i usually don't cry at all, but congratulations u made me cry! (snifflin') i hope u bring Naruto back or somethin' cause (already stopped cryin'by now)u know u broke my heart when u said he died. 4rm readin' the 1st chapter i never thought u'd kill him.(wit low angry voice) u r so cruel.(now wit cheerful tone)well it was a good story hope u update soon, i just can't wait 2 see what happens next! Laterz (by the way i have mood wings if u haven't noticed already.)
5/28/2005 c3 19keeperofcoldtoes
WHEE! you updated! alright! here is your cookie! *hands over cookie* and here is another cookie for such a good job on it! *hands over another cookie* you are very wise as to update on this story. as i can see, you heeded my warnings of my jutsu.. you are wise young one.. well, best be off now. cheerio! (no i'm not british or english i just wanted to know what it felt like as to say that(i'm American all the way!))
5/28/2005 c3 9Toki Mirage
was that a hint of naruto still being alive? are you actually gonna write another chapter of this story with naru in it? *big round eyes* Pwease?
5/28/2005 c3 weeeeeeeeeeeeee
o.o lolz, i dun think itz normal 4 sasuke 2 care tat much. he seems 2 have otha feelins 4 naruto xD or mabbe itz the sasunaru fan in meh @_@ xD plz upd8 soon
5/28/2005 c3 Shadow-Sensei
Aw it was your birthday yesterday well i say happy birthday..i know im kinda late but i didnt really know it was your birthday yesterday ^^' well i hope you had a Great Birthday..BIRTHDAY HUG *Picks up the Little Fox Kit and Hugs it* ^.^

You are like 2 years older then me now..but soon..well after a few mouths you will only be one year older then me..Here have a Cookie and some B-Day Cake *Puts down the Cake and a Cookie infront of you* aw your soo Kawaii...hmm..Chibi-me-no-jutsu!*turns into a chibi version of me* Yay! *runs over to thickle the Little Fox Kit*
5/28/2005 c3 2ranma hibiki
i get the part with kakashi and iruka sparing, sasuke being the main char in this chapter and all...but what does sakura "eating" ramen have to do with anything? could she be mourning over naruto in her own way?
5/27/2005 c2 Liz
I cried too. It`s so sad but so beautifully writen. I hope Iruka is going to be ok. so sad...

Great work though. I hope you keep writing.

5/27/2005 c2 9Toki Mirage
well... you certainly continued it... i was hopeing it would be happy story with naruto comeing back with a punch and not caring about what others thought of him. at least your story was realistic, though. no one else would have wrote that, just because it's what 'could' happen.

anyway, nice story idea, though i would have liked it if you made it longer. ^^
5/27/2005 c2 2ranma hibiki
T_T so-oo-oo-o sad! ill be crying over this for long while
5/27/2005 c2 Shadow-Sensei
This story was soo sad and i know i whould have cryed if i had not been in school at that moment when i read it..anyway i liked it and it was soo sad What will Hinata-Chan do will she cry? No Hinata-Chan is to cute to cry..anyway it really was a good story kinda short but good keep up Da good work K. ^^ Ja Ne *Disapears in a cloud of black ninja smoke*
5/27/2005 c1 eruza
it says that u updated a 2nd chapter but i don't see it, can u please tell me why?
5/27/2005 c2 19keeperofcoldtoes
gawd, how could you kill off Naruto! what did he ever do to you? *looks up at the sky and starts bawling* have mercy on his soul! he was only a youngling! *cries harder* why must the innocent die! *flips the sky off, which is supposed to be you* how.. *sobs* how could you! *chokes on sobs* this fic may have been short but it's been a while since i read a good fic and read something so sappy in a while that i can't stop crying!.. *sobs* but why kill him off! why? i tell you what, i am willing to make a deal with you.. if you make a sequel or another chapter or what not, then i'll.. give you a cookie! *holds up a home made, still warm, cookie* but if you don't.. *eyes turn red* you will have to face the wrath of my FART NO JUTSU! MWAHAHAHAHA! which is something that NO ONE should have to face.. toodles! i hope for the best of your abilities! *bows low and sinks off into the darkness*
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