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for From One World to Another in Another Time

1/15/2008 c5 13French Shark
PLEASE let them be in the time of Harry, Ron, and Hermione! PLEASE! I'm BEGGING here! Please, Please, PLEASE! BEG, BEG, BEG! PLEAD, PLEAD, PLEAD! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASSE! Pretty PLEASE!
1/15/2008 c4 French Shark
a tad bit confusing but really, really good! I love the little arguements u put in there...i love those!lol!
1/15/2008 c3 French Shark
it had BETTER be Trio's...but ill still read if its Marauder's too...
1/15/2008 c2 French Shark
cute! I like it! I wonder who they'll see first and what time they're in and how they'll explain how they got there and stuff...can't wait to read it!
1/15/2008 c1 French Shark
Really good! I think they go to the Marauder's time cause it said "Marada timasa" at the end, but i half hope not cause it'd be so much cooler if they went to Harry, Ron, and Hermione's instead. But that's just my opinion for right now...thnx for writing it, though!
10/15/2005 c3 64Emma Barrows
Brilliant! OMG you have to hurry and update soon!


10/14/2005 c2 Vanessa Potter
i lve these sort of stories please update soon

Veronica Potter
10/14/2005 c1 Vanessa Potter
I love it it's a great story looking forward to see whar happens.
5/29/2005 c2 Emma Barrows

Thanks so much. I have a new MWPP era fic up now if you're interested called ROTRUFIN. lMK!

Hurry and update this story. i can't wait

5/26/2005 c1 Emma Barrows

This is totally great. Please hurry and update soon! I can't wait to see what happens next


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