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6/15/2009 c5 1ErEkE
oh my... you don't finished that!

i m sad...
7/20/2008 c1 AlbelOfExistance
.w.;;...Imma keel j00 unless you finish it...
10/16/2007 c5 Star

;w; It was getting so good...lovely fic.

I love this pairing to bits.
3/9/2007 c5 20minceo
the creature could escape and cliff have a nhot pasionate night with Albel with Albel as uke of course :D then creature comes back for revenge and kindnaps one of them to lure the other and tries to kill em but fdails mirseably and they someohow win and save whoever was cuaght!

good chap!
3/9/2007 c2 minceo
yay for CliffxAlbel! i liked the Cliff dragging Albel into hjis bed that was funny and cute XD a blushing Albel!
11/16/2006 c5 Gemelli
zomg I love this story! It's so well written and you defenitely kept both Cliff and Albel very IC! And the scene in bed in chapter 2 (right?) completely had me floored!

I do wonder who this Spivak person is and what this mission is all about though. :3 Hope Cliff manages to defeat him!

As for idea's:

- battle continues, and it's either a draw again or Cliff wins somehow. He'll then take care of Albel's wounds for a second time? (loved that part XD), since he's more injured XD

- perhaps give more attention to the mission? Or where they are or something? Or, if you like to keep it a secret, only give away little bits?

Anyhow, looking forward to the next chapter :)
10/12/2006 c5 3CheekyHolmes
Damn, it's been over a year, but I really wish you'd update. And that comment about the AlbelxFayt pairing you made in the third chapter...I completely agree! And holy crap, it makes me so happy that there is another despises the pairing as much as I do! There is simply too much of it and not nearly enough CliffxAlbel! Well, with that said...I figure you're probably not going to update, but I felt like reviewing anyway...it would be nice if you did though.
3/5/2006 c5 7zel-chan
so frustating T.T I wanna know what will happen next ;.;

and I want more hot kisses XD

I waiting for teh update! ^^
1/26/2006 c5 12nife
Intersting. I hope you'll continue this ^ ^
1/9/2006 c5 kippet
this is a terrific story! you've done the charecter personalities well, and it even has a good pair and slashy goodness! please keep updating, there isn't enough albelXcliff to go around as it is!
10/14/2005 c5 Mae
Friggin awesome! Please update soon, your story is simply fantastic^^
10/14/2005 c4 1SelphieSK
Hey come on, dont be too hard on your self... I myself love metal, but well erybody doesn't, it's not a reason to be so upset come on! Well back with the review: I LOVED this chapter tee hee, though I didn't really get why Cliff felt like kissing Albel all of a sudden. I mean, there are several ways that would have enabled him to 'pierce his mask'... whatever ^^ it was great :D
10/13/2005 c3 SelphieSK
Sorry, I havent read the chap yet, but hey...

"If I could, I would’ve made Albel and Cliff the main characters of Star Ocean, and had Albel annihilate Fate before the game began."

Muwahahaha! Too funny...
10/13/2005 c2 SelphieSK
Hey what're u saying in thos A/N of yours? This chapter WAS fun! more than fun in fact, I had to force myself not to laugh cause i'm in a... whatver its name is... Hey... Don't tell me you're planning on giving up the story... I checked last time u updated, it's been a while ago...
10/13/2005 c1 SelphieSK
Hi there! Just run into your fic, I also think that albel and cliff are a great couple and, btw, found it strange that there weren't more of them. Anyway, I love your fic, I really do, the characters are all, well, in character, and though I just reasd the 1st chapter, i can say that this is great! well gonna read the rest now!
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