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6/20/2006 c1 Lover of Roses Red
Oh...how beautiful. HE'S SO SWET! *huggles Erik*
11/25/2005 c1 514Rosa Cotton
Okay, it is official: you have converted me into a E/M shipper. This was simply lovely. Extremely lovely.

"(Yes, fluff is now a genre. According to me.)"

Only you, Liz. Only you. *huggies*
7/22/2005 c1 5DoloresLolitaHaze
Oh! I liked this! Adorable!~
6/15/2005 c1 1BlkMageRaina
Oh, keep going keep going! I'm loving this phic! ^_^ Go E/M!
6/14/2005 c1 Juli
aw, that was so sweet! You said it was going to be fluff, and well,in a way it was, but it also had subtlety and detail that other works off fluff (lol that sounds good :P )just lack... it stayed in character perfectly. Great job!
6/7/2005 c1 2ContradictoryOrien
Give us more EM's!
5/29/2005 c1 12Marchioness of Blackadder
I love Erik/Meg fluff. So-I really enjoyed this one too!
5/29/2005 c1 27Nota Lone
Aw, so loverly and fluffy. :)
5/28/2005 c1 11fictiongurl
SO GOOD! will there be more?
5/28/2005 c1 iesv
Liz, I love you too. That was beautiful and so ... them. It wasn't angsty but it was to pretty and wistful to be pure fluff; maybe diluted flungst? I loved it anyway.

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