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11/15/2018 c1 Guest
You little doucher lol always gotta be sleep
1/13/2014 c1 Jade
Wow,wonder how she felt afterwards. ;) good job.
7/26/2013 c1 0909whatever0909
No! why is it a dream? hehe
Good story! :)
3/3/2011 c1 135Invader Johnny
Heh heh heh, nice! Monica┬┤s dream could mean something... right?

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
1/27/2010 c1 3IHMFT
Ayyie it's so good! But it's not enough! Write a sequel :D
6/16/2008 c1 rainbowbabe
the ending was superb-i love the idea of it just being a fantasy,keep writing x
12/1/2007 c1 14Ricepaper.Butterfly
lol that was really good! Nice writing :) PMS?
4/3/2007 c1 5xxandy23xx
GOOD JOB! i liked it
2/23/2006 c1 Exintaris
I did *not* see that coming - clever.
1/3/2006 c1 621Sara Jaye
Wow. I didn't see that ending coming. Poor Monica!

You've got a good style...this was a really nice fic, and I'm adding it to my favorites.
9/23/2005 c1 47Are We Human
Oh my, i loved this! I agree, not really an M but it was still great!
9/8/2005 c1 49Magnus The Wolf
that was nice and interesting. a good idea. i liked it :)
7/8/2005 c1 KarenleFay
I like the twist at the end! This could probably pass for T though, no need for the M.

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