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5/2 c36 J. Willem
Rhun really is a gem. He is every bit as good as Mae thinks he is, and he is too humbly and unobservant to even notice. I'm glad you wrote him some happiness.
5/2 c35 J. Willem
For being away for over a year, I think this chapter dovetails nicely with the others, and I don't know that I would've noticed had you but said anything. One chapter more! (Unless you update this one again in a year or so )
5/2 c34 J. Willem
Wowza! That was quite the chapter! Poor Eilonwy, I can only imagine the embarrassment she felt. Though I must say she handled it well enough. And what a great story for her to share with Mae.
5/2 c33 J. Willem
This chapter feel a bit more like my own journal entries. Not really going anywhere in particular. Just recounting events.
5/2 c32 J. Willem
Hmm... Maybe you're working on setting up something here, but I would've hoped that the chapter had a sense of further relationship development with Taran. Although, I suppose her recounted experience kinda does that. I guess I just expected a bit of consequence to be shared about the experience. Like Taran saying she can always share her nightmares with him. Or maybe he was nicer the next day. I dunno what I'm trying to say, but I feel like he did something that should have a bit more than pushing the buck to Dalben. I'm not making sense anymore, sorry. And it's not like you're still working on this chapter, or even this particular project
5/2 c31 J. Willem
Another sad chapter?! I like the bit about giant crimson letters on a battered stone wall. Very evocative.

So that's how Geraint went. Ugh. Achren is the worst. I can't imagine how Eilonwy would feel returning to Caer Dalben knowing that she would be there. Double ugh.
5/2 c30 J. Willem
Oh man. Another sad memory. I think you conveyed the grief accurately.
5/1 c29 J. Willem
I think once Eilonwy realizes the power that she has, I can only imagine her using it for good. I'm glad to see that she's going to be a bit more of a leader.
5/1 c28 J. Willem
Hahaha, I love the excuse for making Hen Wen's eyes blue!

Hmm, Rhun is still on tour? I wonder how long that can take, if Mona is based on The Isle of Man. I'm sure my expectations are off because of the ease of modern travel.

Oh man, you have Glew's tone down pat! Wow! That sniveling self-centeredness can't be very enjoyable to write. I won't lie, Glew may be my least favorite character in the whole series. Even at the end of The High King, he hasn't really done anything to redeem himself. He just happened to cause some accidents that were important to the plot. I may lose your respect for it, but I would've been happier if Dalben sending Glew the potion by Kaw was the last we heard of the character. I'm sure it would not have been very difficult to come up with alternate ways to move the story forward without him. Okay, my rant is done. Judge me as you see fit.
5/1 c27 J. Willem
Aww... Classic assistant pig-keeper move, wait for a random, unlikely, and entirely unpredictable rogue wave to happen to make a move. Bless his jealous little heart, he doesn't deserve her. But then few men ever deserve such wonderful women.
5/1 c26 J. Willem
Ah the intrigue! Well, I hope there's still time for some kind of reconciliation. It would be a shame for them to remain in this tenuous truce.
4/30 c25 J. Willem
What a graphic and terribly memory! It also set me thinking about the Horned King's story. He kind of had this Star Wars villain arch, where he shows up, almost ex nihilo, as a big bad guy, super scary and powerful, only to be finished off before the full story develops. I'm kinda thinking Darth Maul here. It's been said that your hero is only as good as your villain, and I think very highly of our hero and heroine. I'd like to see more of what makes the bad guys so bad, and why.

At any rate, I'm glad Eilonwy is getting some good journal therapy out of it
4/29 c24 J. Willem
Hmm... I had kind of assumed she was using the bauble to write at night. I don't love the idea that Eilonwy feels an Achren-tainted connection to it. I prefer to see it as a tangible symbol of goodness, hope, and love. Especially knowing how it worked for Taran in CoL, and in fulfilling Hen Wen's prophecy in THK.

4/29 c23 J. Willem
What a cute chapter. I remember times like that with my roommates, just being silly at ridiculous hours. Good times. I think you captured three feeling well here.
4/28 c22 J. Willem
The word "sen'night" itched my linguist brain, and I had to scratch by looking it up.

It's interesting to me that as evil and odious Arawn is, we see and hear so much more of Achren. She seems to be actually doing things to mess up Prydain, but aside from some battles in TBoT and THK, all we get about Arawn is that he stole secrets and magical implements. I don't think we see enough of him to fear him as much as we are supposed to. Achren on the other hand is regularly trying to stir up mischief it seems. At least she appears as a character who does things. All we get out of Arawn is a few brief disguises in THK, and then as a snake he gets his head lobbed off. I mean, even Dorath feels easier to despise than Arawn. It seems to me that he could use some proper back-storying for dramatic effect...

All of this CoL flashback material makes me super excited for when you tackle that (after The Black Cauldron, of course )
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