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for A series of Cats badfics

8/27/2007 c2 TigressJellicle
*snorts* i actually had a lot of fun reading both the bad fiction and the reviews below me. mostly because i know a lot of those people and that's the kind of thing they usually say - for good reason, in most cases - but they didn't realize it was a deliberate parody. thanks for the laughter.
7/18/2006 c1 1Maudey
Hmm, I as looking at some of the reviews others had posted and I seems as though they neglected to read the summery, "How CATS fan fictions aren't supposed to be written".

Ah well, I must agree with most of them if I were to be judging a normal fan fiction, but if you so did those errors on purpose, it was a pretty bad fan fiction (meaning that as a compliment to the point of the writing).

It could be written nicely. Your voice isn't too bad either.
3/30/2006 c2 24Puddycat
Umm... Chapter one really confused me... What was the plotline for it? It seemed really random, and the end had nothing to do with the beginning. Also you didn't explain what anyone did, or why they did it, apart from Quaxo being "board".

Chapter two - wha..? It didn't make much sense, but that could have been because of the length. Just 'cause it's a oneshot doesn't mean it has to be short, take time to explain who's doing what - first time I read it I completely missed some things. Don't rush it, but at the same time don't make it too slow.

Btw, if you're going to write a cockney accent in any stories, first of all bear in mind that actually writing the accent isn't essential to the plotline, you could just say "they said in a strong _ accent". But if you feel the need to write the accents, talk to me, I can tell you how they sound (but it is better to just not bother writing them - I don't, and I'm cockney).

I would like to read more "really weird Misto stories", but only if you take the advice me and the other reviewers have given. Mistakes, rushing the plotline, and disjointed plotline all stop the actual story being as good as it could be.

I realise I probably sound like a complete bitch, but read the story from an outsider's veiwpoint and you'll see what everyone means. We didn't write it, so we don't know what you didn't put in. It probably makes a lot more sense when you read it as the author, 'cause you know the story inside out, but we only know what you actually write, so please, if there's something to do with the plotline that you don't think you have to write, put it in anyway, it'll make it a lot more understandable to reviewers.
3/15/2006 c1 2Vickycutie
Good job. Not everyone thinks that Misto/Quaxo should be mates but I like those two together. I mean, in the movie there seems to be something going on. Keep writing more stories.
9/12/2005 c1 7Alyciel
Aww, how sweet. I didn't think that anyone would write to cats, but I was wrong. I love the musical and of course, Mister Mistoffelees is my number one favorite, along with Victoria and Cassandra. I love you SN by the way. I hope you continue somewhat with this story. Why did they want Munkustrap asleep?
6/4/2005 c1 Eponine
Oh cute. ^^
6/3/2005 c1 5Nabooru
Oh my. I think this is the worst canon rape Mistoffelees has ever suffered - you turned him into a piece of wood. And all because you couldn't be bothered to learn that one can become "bored" when there is nothing to do, but a "board" is a piece of wood. Sadly, that's the reason people need beta-readers. Because they don't grasp homophones (words that sound alike, but are spelled differently and mean different things) - like there, their, and they're, as well as to, two, and too. And also bored and board. You should at least be able to find someone else that can tell the difference to "edit" your story before you post it. It's not that difficult to find a willing beta-reader online these days.

And then there's the question of Quaxo's motives here. WHY, exactly, is it such a great idea to get Munkustrap to relax? One thing I do not think of when I am bored is getting my superiors to relax, no matter how uptight they might be. So somehow I doubt Quaxo would do that for Munkustrap. I guess you never know...but you could have at least tried to make it seem like Quaxo isn't a fickle, sugarhigh teenage girl underneath the black fur.

Please, please, please, for the love of your deity, do NOT write a Cockney accent into a fanfic. We are Cats Fans. We have SEEN the video. We KNOW what Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (ala video canon) sound like. We DO NOT NEED YOU to write their accent into your story and make it completely unintelligible. And besides that, you aren't even writing the accent as it sounds in the show - you're making random consonants disappear. Cockney, in reality, misses letters like "h," (not the random "w") and also often has a glottal stop in place of "t" (they say bah'le instead of "bottle," but people will hate you if you write it that way). What makes it worse is that your "Cockney" accent is not consisten throughout the dialogue. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but language, as spoken by an individual, is a pretty constant thing. It's languages spoken by large groups of people and measured over a rather large period of time that change so rapidly. In other words: Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer have a Cockney accent. They should have the SAME Cockney accent throughout the story. And if you cannot do it right, simply STATE that they speak with a heavy accent, and fans will know what you are talking about.

But enough about that. The plot quickly dissolves into confusion after that point. What, exactly, are they going to do to make Munkustrap relax? And where does Quaxo's crush on Victoria come into play? And, more importantly, why? I don't get it. It feels like you rushed the end and wrote whatever came into your head without regard as to whether it fit with the beginning of the story or not. This just proves (even more) that you are in need of a beta-reader.

Please proof-read your next "one shot" before you post it, because this one is really not very good.
6/2/2005 c1 22Fearful Little Thing
Grammar, spelling, and beleiveable plotlines. Why doesn't Quaxo want Munkus to know that it was he who helped him relax? Is he going to get in trouble? Does Munkustrap have an irrational fear of relaxation? How did he "relax" so quickly anyway? What was the goddamn plan! Was "Relax" another word for "getting high on catnip"?

Damn. Either I'm getting old (unlikely) or kids these days are getting confusing.
6/2/2005 c1 17Mystitat
This ... doesn't really make sense. One, Quaxo wants to make Munkustrap relax. Why? Because he's bored? That's kind of lame. And two: please, please, PLEASE never try to write in a cockney accent ever again. It's terrible. Three: what did they do to get Munkustrap to relax? He just spontaneously started purring, and the story doesn't say anything about what Jerrie and Teazer did to him. So what did Misto need them for? Fourth, and finally: why in the world did you bring up Victoria? She is such a random addition to the story that it just sounds rediculous! And the ending has nothing to do with the story! C'mon. Please.

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