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6/10/2005 c1 3Ronandchicken
Wow, I am INRCREDIBLY slow, it took me a REALLY long time to get that last sentence, and it's sad.

Well, it's late on a Friday night, my brain isn't functioning properly.

But that was really cute! I usually despise James/Lily fics (don't ask me why, I don't know), but this one was very nice. Two big thumbs up.

I love the last line (which I finally understand)
6/8/2005 c1 4missthisthat14
Aw! Thats such a cute ending! I absoluetly love this type of fluffy story!
6/7/2005 c1 Epona319
That's such a cute, fluffy story! I love the ending where Lily goes "I hadn't meant to fall for him, but I tripped!" Very nice for an I-don't-wanna-so-I'll-write fic! I do that a lot, too! ;)

Keep it up!
6/7/2005 c1 13Abarraine
that did fill the fluff quota, i loved it.
6/6/2005 c1 an LDS dazed and confused
so cute!
6/6/2005 c1 13Serenity Meowth
Very good and funny! :)

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