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for Full Ranma Panic

12/2/2019 c7 Ninja6345
This is third? I do believe of you stories that I have read, and so far I have loved all of them. Really, excellent work. Next I am going to read Dragon Lady of Macross, and if it's anything like this one or the Wild Horse Thesis then I know I am going to love it.
4/26/2017 c7 shugokage
Definitely a beautiful story thanks!
1/27/2016 c7 3maryjane5000
Is it completed is there more if there is then What's next?
1/27/2016 c3 Guest
I found a mistake near the end

"Go and put some clothes on before to traumatize someone"

Shouldn't it be "before "you" traumatize someone"
9/8/2013 c7 arcanasage
I loved the story so far, I wish that there were more chapters, but if you're not going to continue it further you chose a great spot to stop. Keep up the good writing, I look forward to reading more of your work.
5/21/2013 c7 1irnzenmonk
good story ne
4/12/2013 c7 OddWallow
Good story. Wish there were more chapters.
3/29/2013 c7 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
10/4/2012 c7 Guest
This was only good in comparison to your other stories
9/8/2012 c2 1ZodiacR3ap3r
Write like a big pro.
Talk big esoteric shit.
Ilike it big 3X
7/8/2012 c7 8Grey Wolf4
I read this fic a long time back thought to wait until I read the manga before saying on this I think I will. I do like this fic this was a good premise for Ranma to be recruited into MITHRIL. I am guessing the romance happened after training (though I might have missed) it felt rushed but nevertheless I liked the Ranma/Kaname coupling (while I like Sousuke/Kaname I also like Sousuke/Tessa).

Also I agree that Akane is not some violent maniac she does have issues but not as bad as some writers make her out to be. The way you presented her as having bipolar disorder was convincing, I had problems with depression treated by medication which had side effects fortunately my symptoms subsided and I no longer needed them and I'm now back to normal. Also her reaction to knowing of Ryoga's curse and him being 'P-Chan' all along was I think in character.

Als one theory I have on why Kuno goes after Akane is the most desirable relationship is the one you can't have I think its the same for the rest of the hentai brigade and/or their own dislike of Kuno because I doubt Kuno had any genuine respect from anyone let alone fellow students.

Also I liked your portrayal of Ryoga though to be frank he needs to get over himself if you know what I mean?

All in all a good Ranma/FMP crossover. If you have writers block I'm willing to help best I can all you need to do is ask.
4/25/2012 c7 12Ethorin
i hope you update soon, this tale is interesting.
3/30/2011 c7 Ranmayamabushi
very nice and still open to continue if you ever get inspired to do so!, I have very much enjoyed all of your stories!
6/8/2010 c7 Raj8
when are you updating this story
6/5/2010 c7 sandcrawlr
Liking the story. Keep up the writing.
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