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12/26/2009 c7 1AnFan-n-More

This was an easy choice for my Favorites! In fact, I wish this site had a rating service so that I could mark it five stars out of five!

In fact, I have to go back through my Favorites and re-read them as well as those I've marked for Alert. I didn't want to make the Favorites list too large, and have been adding them willy-nilly. Yours I don't have to think twice about. It definitely belongs there!

I love the fact that even if you never continue this story, it ended on a perfectly good ending. This was one of the most seamless crossings I've read. The only complaint I could possibly come up with was that Ranma became to elequent to quickly. However, there was a great deal of time elapsed in the story (over a year I believe) so I can easily suspend my disbelief on that issue.

Not only did you make a good Ranma fanfic (these are the only ones I've really been reading) in the crossover setting, but you also pulled in his past in a believable and seamless manner. I only wish I could have seen the reaction of his mother or father.

Loved it. Enjoyed reading it. Outstanding! And, thank you for publishing this piece of work.
11/4/2009 c1 5Orchamus
Good idea, nice implementation.
10/10/2009 c7 1arkninja
Great stuff! More coming? if not the structure of the story is different and well done. the now mechs sound evil and the writing is sharp! great job
8/18/2009 c3 HCVquizibo
I cant believe you gave ranma a souped up chicken walker plus the AS wasn't even power full enough to warrant the ki amplifier angle you were trying to work. when you were going of on how the machine was going to rely on the lambda driver to work I thought you were going to make it so that it was a humanoid AS that had insane mobility and dexterity a machine that could perform to world class martial arts standards instead it was a AC rip off.
7/24/2009 c7 Rune Tobor
An epilog and this will be finished or can be... I favor having Mithril visit the amazon village, just to give a warning. A few blurbs about the rest of our fav redheads life and perhaps Nabiki and Kasumi too. A line or so for the rest of the NWC, perhaps Akane ends up with Kuno or Ryoga? What if she malleted and "defeated" a blind duck boy? I would join the schools but as love matches. Have Nabiki's son marry Ranma's daughter and Kasumi's daughter fall for Ranma's son.

You are on my fav authors list and all your stories are favs too, thanks so much for writing and sharing them with me and others.
6/23/2009 c7 22Kingdark
great story so far. I'm looking forward for more.
4/30/2009 c7 1nekoken
great story, really loved it though I wished you would have gone deeper into the relationship building and training in the months they got to know each other and it was a very touching ending. Loved what you did to the wedding crashers. Although I didn't see where this ranked a M rating at tops a T. Although the part with Nabiki might rate it as such. So just wanted to say loved the story and am glad I read it even though it wasn't over a 100,0 words like my normal read
4/21/2009 c1 18Dreamingfox

Why is it that I'm stumbling upon your fics lately?

Not bad, interesting premise and great writing as always.
3/31/2009 c7 38Kithrin
why do i get the feeling that shampoo won't give up?
1/18/2009 c7 19Ryuus2
Amazing, incredible, stupendous! I love your work and how you're able to so effectively stick Ranma into the most incredible crossovers. I have to ask though, is this one complete? I've read all you're other stories, and though this point in the story is a good closing point, I wonder if there isn't anymore to it?
12/11/2008 c7 2GeorgeTobor
This is good, very good, I like that it was Nabiki that recomended Ranma to Mithil.

I don't like any of the cannon girls for Ranma. Akane has anger issues, Nabiki greed, Kasumi is the best but even so she is lacking something... Ukyo, Shampoo, Kodachi and any others are tragically flawed as well. Of course Ranma has his own tragic flaws too, "honor" is the bigest flaw. I can't really know but I am guessing Ranma is a spoof or satire directed at the Japanese honor system. Honor without Truth or Justice is empty. Life is a many dimensional thing. Honor alone is only one dimension of life. Honor, Truth, Justice. Love, COMMON SENSE, Mercy, Freedom, Responsibility and more give life much more than 3 or 4 dimensions, that's why it is so confusing!

Now there are some good Ranma/Akane fics out there, but the Akane in them is not cannon Akane. The same goes for any other good fic matching up Ranma and a cannon girl. The cannon Ranma characters are trapped in a conflicting web of "honor" from which there is no escape.

I have a "story seed" for you. I don't think it has been done before. Have Ranma abandon "honor". He would then use the resulting freedom to resolve the problems in his life. I would start the story with Ranma on the roof thinking about honor and the trap he is in. He would come to the conclusion that honor has failed him.

Anyway, it is a really nice story though I have not seen or read any Full Metal Panic and had to look it up on the web to figure some details out. Thanks for writing.
11/16/2008 c1 cabrera1234
cool story
10/15/2008 c7 1Birga
great story, I haven't seen FMP but that doesn't matter as you know the secret to being a phenomenal writer, only the characters matter.

I hope that you finish this story soon
10/8/2008 c7 2Starfury
Great story! Love it, just like your other 2 Ranma/Sci-fi crosses. One little nitpick tho. In FMP, none of Kaname's school friends know about Mithril, or that Souske is actually a soldier, or Kaname's previous connection to Mithril. So why were they all taking Kaname's other 'friends' in stride, even when every single one of them turns out to be armed with some kind of gun? FYI, guns are illegal in Japan, just like Britain, so this should have caused a large amount of shock to those 'not in the know'.
8/27/2008 c7 1Nosferatum
Is it finished, anyway?
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