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6/7/2014 c3 2Intelligent Magic
You are a brilliant author, and I love your characterisations and everything, I hope you write more stories in general, but particularly Power Girl/Blue Beetle it's very interesting :)
9/16/2012 c2 105Khiori
This was just plain fun-they really would work and nobody would see it coming. LOL, this was a delightful story, I would love to read more of your work with PG and BB.
9/16/2012 c1 Khiori
This was PERFECT! I love how you show these two-you make them solid utterly real people, both something not seen by their fellow leaguers. Sweet and hilarious with a touch of sadness.
6/9/2010 c1 1chrisq
Wonderful story. Very fun, great characterization on both sides. I've never read much Blue Beetle of any form, but man, you just made me wish Ted Kord was still around instead of (ugh) Jaime. I'll take an interesting and fun character over a hey-I'm-joe-nobody-and-I-just-found-superpowers, any day. Spider-Man covered that almost 50 years ago... oh, except he was interesting and fun, too (for the time, anyway;). And I for one can just never get enough Power Girl, this seems right up her modern alley still w/ the reviving of StarrWare and attutide/sanity adjustment in her new title. I can only hope they have her deal with some of her past crap half as well as this!
4/19/2007 c2 2Cekil1
I'll be sure to blame Keith for this debacle but first lemme tell ya something: I loved this story! It's well-written, well executed and the dialogue seems to be spot on for the characters. The main things that caught me off guard would have to be the humor and the insightful character study this story turned into. I can honestly say I've not enjoyed reading a story this much since 2006 and trust me I've been looking for one. Incredible job! By the way, I was as surprised as BB and PG were when they did the deed. I guess she'll be known as "NC-17" from now on... to Ted at least.
10/1/2006 c3 400Amarin Rose
Now that's interesting, to hear the story behind the story, as it wear. I especially loved J'onn's bits in here, and how you made the 'game' seem less contrived and actually real.

Also, the fade to black skipped over the hot parts but I'm still sizzling! :D
4/10/2006 c1 1dreamaway78
I first read this a while ago and loved it. Now I read your updated bersion and loved it even more.

It makes me want to read more Power Girl and Beetle fanfics.
6/21/2005 c2 21Icha
Hilarious! This is so funny!

I never continuously read PG (or PG13 - wink!), but I really like your depiction about her. I understand that she's such a bad-tempered girl though, so her pairing with the sunny Blue Beetle kinda match. And with this recent events of Kara Zor El Supergirl beating up PG and Superboy, I don't really think that SG is gonna be my fave supes. PG is a different story. She's interesting.

And, yeah, thanks for inserting J'onn, my fave Martian.
6/19/2005 c2 21Ronnie K
First, the improvement part...As someone already pointed out, you will want to proofread one more time. There were a few incorrect tenses and grammatical errors. Looking at the whole piece, I can say that the errors were from fast typing and not a lack of grammatical skills. Now that that is over with..

I LOVED this story. I can only assume that your writing is good because I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't pay attention. Good plot, good writing, and GREAT dialogue. I cannot tell you exactly how much I enjoyed reading this. As a matter of fact, after this review I'm going to read it again.

I'm not a Blue Beetle fan, but I think I may have to read some of your other Blue Beetle stories.
6/19/2005 c2 Goph
Hey, Blu, this is awesome stuff, man!

I love the discussion of Mel.

This, in particular, is great: "Beetle stopped what he was doing and turned to her. He put his hands out and slowly turned around much as a model would. His point was pretty clear as he modeled his uniform. "What do you think?" he asked with a sour smile."

I love that your Beetle uses the same jokes I do. The "Can" vs. "May" thing, The "I only lie when it's do so", that he quotes movies, The joke about posing for Playboy ("Really?" said a faux-shocked Beetle. "Then, what did Hef do with those pictures I posed for on the bearskin rug? I feel so...DIRTY now!"), the joke about Kara's "hanging with the big boys" line, his thought about Kara's ability to defy gravity, etc.

Thanks for letting them have the "why the diet?" conversation. I was expecting more interrogation or weight comments from PG, but then maybe she doesn't see him as too heavy, either. Perhaps the "weight as protection" is a theme, for both of them?

I recognize, and empathize with the tendency to make Ted's wit absolute, but I would not mind letting Peege get a couple more digs in, just to make her appear more formidable as an opponent as well as more appealing.

Chuckled at "the spaldings", and at the line, "why would I get your shirt wet when I was too far away to get any benefit out of it?"

I loved that Dan Garrett's death was Ted's biggest regret.

The laugh sequence is great. So true to life.

The "I'm not human" sequence was nice, too. I can begin to empathize with Kara's feelings more. Her assessment of Ted as being "just human", and his matter-of-fact reply was just right. I can't say if I want to draw that bit more or just want to see how Maguire would draw it. Lovely.

And your timing on bringing us immediately from that to the "wet willie" was very apt.

re: "Oh, yeah." said Beetle sarcastically, still rubbing his sternum. "I live for having beautiful blondes slam me into walls!" Aha, I knew it.

Triple punch of "I just _love_ this guy", right here:

Punch one: "Nothin a week in the hospital won't fix!" answered Beetle with a slight smile.

Punch two: "Plus, it was either my finger or my tongue." replied Beetle. "I went with the less fun choice."

Punch three: "You know," she said. "You're alright... in your own messed-up way!" "Stop." said Beetle with a grin. "All your praise will turn my head."

In the real world, Ted Kord would be beating them off with a stick.

Re: "With all our personal crisises- crises?-" Power Girl shrugged her shoulders.

Yeah, their crises are infinite. (Sorry.)

re: Beetle closed his eyes and answered. "Deep at heart," Beetle tapped his chest. "I'm a romantic. I'm a sucker for a good love story. 'Casablanca'. 'The Princess Bride'..."

Not really the chick flicks, though. I mean, "Casablanca" and "The Princess Bride" are darn fine movies. Who _doesn't_ like them?

Loved the "PeeGee to PeeGee-13" joke. Have thought that before.

The kiss was _hot_. Way to steam up the man's goggles, eh?

re: "J'Onn found it slightly amusing that Power Girl was "trapped" there with him. Power Girl was willful, ill-tempered, and volatile. Being alone with Beetle could be a considerable undertaking for even the most patient of people. "

Snort. Get in line. The way you write him, he's irresistible. This is a beautiful assessment, even from J'onn's perspective: "Beetle, on the other hand, J'Onn knew was far more complex than people thought. J'Onn had occasion to read Beetle's mind. He wouldn't admit it to others, but, it was...fascinating. (For instance, J'Onn would never use the word "fascinating" around Beetle for fear of the inevitable Mister Spock jokes.) His mind worked incredibly quickly, but, was often sidetracked with other thoughts. And a lot of those thoughts were unorthodox, to say the least!"

The ending was sweet. Good line about "phone sex with a Martian".

You're a pro, Blu!
6/16/2005 c2 36Madripoor Rose
Whoa. Just discovered Ted Kord through the scans daily livejournal's Boostle Fest, and this story was cute and funny...really seemed to capture the tone of the comics too. Hope to see more fic from you.
6/16/2005 c2 45The Uncanny R-Man
Man, Beetle is one lucky... Beetle. he and Power Girl seem just perfect together. They're so sweet. Pity we never found PG's fantasy though. I'd hate to be aorund if and when the others find out about their little fling. Ouch. Eagerly awaiting more.
6/9/2005 c1 The Uncanny R-Man
Heh-heh. This was great.

Beetle and Power Girl, the new comedy double-act. Okay, Beetle and Booster are still good but Beetle and PG are close behind.

Can't wait to see where thsi goes. Any chanc eof more Guy in this? Even if somebody only decks him. Please?
6/9/2005 c1 Goph
First off, it's great! The way you use a casual phrase, typically used for describing day-to-day life is very reminiscent of Giffen's style, which perfectly captures the mood and flavor of that league. For example, when you wrote "in case of 'walk-ins' ", I could immediately conjure up all sorts of terrific imagery of the sort of "walk-ins" the league was likely to have: Starro comes to mind - or any other bargain-basement villain trying to knock over a bank or "muahahaa" his way into Arkham.

Your characterizations are perfect. You have a wonderful handle on the characters, especially Ted (no surprise there), but even J'onn, though his role is small. J'onn as an "infinitely patient being". Hah!

Beetle's cheerful attitude is great - even at six am, he loves showing off what he does best in front of the hot blonde. You can bet that if it were Ralph or Captain Atom, he'd be kvetching.

I loved "Lexcorps. JUNK!" (toss)


My criticism is limited to encouraging you to proof it just a wee bit more carefully and limit the amount of exclamation points that you use. Your writing is exciting enough without them.

The thought of Blue Beetle as a sidekick (Beetle Boy? Lapis Larva?) in a Robin-like getup makes me howl. Maguire and Hughes both drew him fairly hirsute. (More than Booster, anyway.)

I'm not sure on the timeline of JLA working out for Ted to have built their first security system. I'm probably just confused by Crisis, but wouldn't Ted have been too young to do this, (or are you referring to Thomas or the company)?

"I met him once, you know." Aw! I can see where this is going. "Kara and Teddy, sitting in a tree..."

If Peege took "great pains to protect her identity," you think she'd wear a mask, or some other sort of disguise. I mean, no man is going to figure out who she is, (simply by virtue of her costume's tendency to showcase her best attributes) but some woman might.

Is it my imagination, or does Beetle kind of enjoy getting pushed around a little bit by PG? Hunh. Between that and the "I'll play your sidekick next time" comment... Hm...Who knew he was a little kinky? Makes me contemplate all sorts of possibilities for anti-grav discs and that trapeze thing.

Great exchange on "Take it off! - Beg pardon?" (You know his mind went straight to the gutter on that one. Mine too.)

"...Albert Einstein was secretly Bozo the Clown..."

Aw, come on, man, you just blew Bozo's secret identity. (Well, with Al's hairdo, maybe it wasn't that big of a secret.)

I love Kara's assessment of the beautiful dichotomy of BB. "She knew neither man." Just right. I love that you've brought the seeming incongruity of Ted's intellectual genius and hyperactive sense of humour to the fore of this tale.

PG anger vs. BB anger - perfect. She _would_ still be fuming. Good to see that she's at least aware of her anger issues. And it's so like Beetle that he would playfully make her squirm over her crush on her notion of "Ted Kord, Genius" in retaliation.

You rock!

(sorry this is so long)
6/9/2005 c1 71Allaine
*chuckles* I've read all of your Blue Beetle stories so far, including this new one, and I have enjoyed them all immensely. Takes me back to the first time I picked up the "Formerly Known As . . ." collection. A lighthearted alternative to all the crap these people are taking in the new Countdown era.
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