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7/28/2011 c4 18FlamingRose11
what? run into Leo? oh shit! anyways, if i type a lot and a lot of words on ehre does it count for "a couple of reviews" ? becasue i would really like to know what happens next!
10/28/2008 c4 3Simoman
Really like the story so far particularly with Leo cheating on Grace and all the drama that has caused.

Update soon!
8/7/2008 c4 1bubblesome
your story is great (sorry but english is not my motherlanguage) i really loved it! i hope you update soon!

can't wait to read what happens next!
7/29/2008 c4 28Anieshwa
Love it!Please update soon or I will cry!
4/29/2008 c2 3foreverisgone
this is going to be a great story i feel it

i just love will and grace they are so cute together and finally someone who knows that grace wouldn't even look for another guy if will wasn't gay.

lovezz it =] keep on writing

update soon
7/24/2007 c4 10AccountClosedDueToHealth
She gonna run into Leo and the blonde bimbo ain't she? lol, As I was reading the previous chapter, ya know where jack says that Will only gets that expression on his face when he's thinking about someone he loves, Will should have laughed, acted smug and said "Ha, shows what you know, I was thinking about Grace. Proof that the so called 'look' is nothing more than your imagination."

lol, I dunno why I thought of that, but it would have been funny. Can you imagine the look on Jack's face if Will had said that?
10/21/2005 c4 1Corellon
At first i didn't really like this but then i read all the chapters and now... I must know! I know you can't just FORGET your gay but i know sometimes i wish they would!
9/4/2005 c4 1spanishlove
please tell me will will tell grace please !
7/23/2005 c1 Dusty
WillGrace.. very unusual. Well, it should be atleast, seeing as Will is gay. I suppose it IS fanfiction.. but still, it should be atleast a little closer to the programme.

Keep rockin',


Dusty x
7/9/2005 c4 MAJORfan86
hey! please don't let that one reviewer get to you. come on! update because execept for that one pissy reviewer you have some fans who wanna see what happens in this story. please please please please update update update! :) :) :)
7/4/2005 c4 TotallyMe18
really good so far...i love will/grace stories, they are just too cute together!
6/30/2005 c1 86The Sarcastic Typo
Wow, this is so out of character. Also, your grammar, structure, punctuation, and spelling need a lot of work. On top of that, this line made me litterally laugh out loud:

"Im GAY, and I'm not changing, It's just that when I see her I sort of forget about being gay, the only thing I can think about is her face, and how stupid I was to ever let her go when I had the chance" you know any gay people at ALL? This is not only hilarious but so unrealistic it's laughable. You don't just 'forget' your sexuality; you are what you are. Oi...


Good luck in your writing.
6/30/2005 c4 1AlotLikeGrace
I loved this Chapter I can't wait for then next one so please hurry!
6/29/2005 c4 GraceFan
I like where this is heading is it gonna become full on W/G because thats one of my 3 fave pairings w/g w/j and j/k. but yeah keep it up and if u need a few reviews b4 ull put ur chapter up can i just review like 5 times lol i want this up soon which is y i'd do that lol great update soon please.
6/19/2005 c3 orityemini
love it! please continue! I wanna know how Will Is going to tell Gracie about it. Good Job! :)
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