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10/7 c18 2Death of Snipers
This story was a ton of fun, and it was cool seeing how everything played out. I will say I thought the teachers were under a spell of some sort with how mcgonnagle acted, but in hindsight no matter how many times they save the world she always suspects the group.

I’ll be loiiing into more of your work!
10/6 c11 Death of Snipers
While Snape showed blatant favoritism, I don’t recall if he ever outright destroyed student work. I’m very curious to hear what has made him act more drastically, and excited to see how it’s written

Also, Ranma’s view on relationships is hilarious and I love it
10/6 c10 Death of Snipers
Definitely a very fun chapter. Though I’m surprised ranma didn’t try to attack peeves/wrestle fluffy.

It’s interesting seeing how the fiancé situation shook out, though I’m curious why Ukyo wanted the kid. The others (even Akane) I can somewhat understand to varying degrees
10/6 c4 Death of Snipers
I get he needs to train, but ranma did have a life outside training once he hit Nerima, kinda.

Also, imagining how terrified everyone in Nerima would be of the idea of someone walking around with ranma in their pocket
10/6 c3 Death of Snipers
It’s always interesting seeing when the potters have more relics and such, and I wonder what Harry will learn from the old books.

Also, I see this is complete at 18 chapters. Is it just book 1, or is it going to speed up?
10/6 c1 Death of Snipers
This reminds me of a less expansive “Harry Hibiki and the philosophers stone”. I’m prob not going to review as much as usual since this is long done, though it seems interesting. Though was the curse cured? Cus anyone related to ranma not believing in magic is quite a feat.
7/10 c18 PiBrain
All that build up just for Harry to be as weak and pathetic as normal Harry! This is actually such a disappointing read. I don't even expect Super!Harry but I at least expect competence! You talked him up for 17 chapters but really he comes out being useless. Easily manipulated and quickly captured. Not even sure if I want to finish at this point. Normally by the end of a story I'm willing to concede it all worked out for the best, but honestly even if it does, at this point, I can't see myself ever considering this a good read or worth the time taken. Don't get me wrong, it was well written for the most part. The plot is just incredibly lacking and overall boring. It might be better as a one-shot where you can cram the excitement in, but stretched out over several chapters there's just not enough new stuff going on to actually be worth reading.
7/10 c13 PiBrain
Ugh, just about at my limit with this story. DO SOMETHING! This is basically just Philosopher's Stone with an extra character and some minor changes. Unless your character actually does something different than the story will remain the same and it will just be a rehash instead of a different story!

Actually started typing this to complain about Ranma defending Snape, which I think is forced and a load of bukacky, 'cause Snape is a twat in this story and has done nothing defensible. But the rest just came out without me realising it, but looking back it's very true, the only real difference is Harry gets mad and you have to read about him being mad for a bit but inevitably doing nothing and calming down. Oh, and Hermione has glasses and is a Ravenclaw, because? *shrug* Clichés, I guess? *shrug*
7/9 c12 PiBrain
Speech marks are used for a reason...
7/9 c11 PiBrain
This six year ago stuff just seems like a waste of space. I read the first one, but it was just boring and didn't seem to tie into the story, it gave a bit of background on the character though not enough to be worth reading. Because of the lack of information in that first one and the tediousness of reading it, I've skipped the rest. Overall I'd say they're just a waste of space and an unneeded interruption that messes up the already tedious flow of the story. Next time you write a martial arts Harry Potter story consider actually having him do something, instead of just getting mad and acting like a fool half the time.
4/28 c12 1Vercalos
What in the world happened to the dialogue in this chapter? There’s a lot of punctuation missing. Specifically, there are absolutely no “quotation marks” for some reason.
3/2 c8 17MSgt SilverDollar and Snake
Why didn't Harry have his wand in its holster on his arm? Is it true authors use omakes to pad their word count as they serve no other purpose.
~~ Snake ~~
1/2 c18 Lukkai
You do some interesting and entertaining writing. But you need to pay more attention to keeping your continuity straight. You did play around a bit with the timetable in this one. Which among other things ended up with Ukyo being called a teenager at one occasion when she'd actually be in her early twenties at that point. There's the quidditch match Snape referees first labeled as Gryffindor vs Slytherin (which would certainly not be allowed to be called by the head of Slytherin), then as Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff. There's Harry first bemoaning having only two throwing stars left, then using his last four against Voldemort in the final fight. Mistakes like that shouldn't happen in a good story.
7/13/2019 c18 1Thornrose270
7/4/2019 c4 Mister
I would really love to see this rewritten and continued! The rewritten part is I think Harry's psycho reactions to even the mention of the Dursleys are way over the top. His memories made with Ranma should far outweigh his Dursley memories that while feeling disgust over them he would not flip out like he is in this story. Just my thoughts.
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