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6/3/2006 c15 10Alyssa1120
Hey Hey, i really want to find out what happens next. It's been forever since you've updated this. So come on and please update it!
4/22/2006 c16 SparklingTopazEyes
What did Rory mean "Like father, like daughter"? Does that mean Christopher or Luke? And what kind of help does Emma want from Will? Update soon!
4/1/2006 c1 Alyssa1120
Hey, i was just wondering when you are planning on updating this? i really need to read a really good fanfic, and this is really good so please update soon!
2/27/2006 c16 15DarkAngelSuicide
YAY good chappy twenty years and tristand is sstill a jerk... y does everyone liek him... he sohuld return for an eppy like jess that would be fun
2/8/2006 c16 3Charmedchic72
oh my dang...he was gonna tell her. gah...the interuption...how crazy. sad and stuff. but yay, the operation was a success! woo-hoo! and things! he should have told her. that is crazy. and sad and crazy and stuff!

gah tristan. that is crazy...i cannot believe he would be so mean as to do that. crazy. but really, i guess i can see it. tyler...how lame of him...to get with emma's enemy. that is crazy. and all will's fault. i cannot wait to see what emma does...and in general, what happens next.

btw...the flashback about Richie and the teddy bear was really cute and touching! your "next times" make me think that it is going to start to get interesting! i cannot wait for more!
2/7/2006 c16 1Sarai
I love it!
2/6/2006 c16 80LukeAndLorelai Brucas Fan
This is great. I just want to know how long Luke has. I never really thought about him dying before i read this and its just strange.

Is Emma ever going to find out about Will warning Tyler off? Because i see a majour blow up happening there.

And Tristan is an asshole. I know he was bad in school, but I thought he would have gotten better. You're clerly not a Trory fan.
2/6/2006 c16 10Alyssa1120
ok that was great! please update quicker!
2/6/2006 c16 18ProFfeSseR
Oh boy... damn... :) Great chapter, I love it. Update soon please!
1/28/2006 c15 SparklingTopazEyes
OMG! this story is so cool. Bringing April in is a nice twist. Update soon
1/13/2006 c15 cncgrad02
Please update soon. I'm enjoying this story.
1/13/2006 c15 Perfect-Forever
Wow! You just keep throwing more stuff into this story! A new character? This should be exciting!

I really liked the whole Lori situation! Very funny! It was hilarious hearing those guys talk about her like that! I'm looking foreward to see what you'll do with that!

This Luke issue just keeps getting bigger! To be honest I'm really looking foreward to how you'll end this story! It'll be a really intesting chapter!

Can't wait for the next chapter! I really want to see what Emma will say to Will, and what Tristan's going to do to Rory! Looking foreward to it! Update soon!
1/12/2006 c15 3Charmedchic72
i am so excitied that you updated. like a day or two i got the email telling me you had updated this story and i was like: YES! only i couldn't read it yet b/c of school conflicts. but now, here i am...ready to read and super excitied!

AH HA...sookie caught luke in the act...lol...of taking pills. oh man, luke has been caught...and well...this is craziness...can't believe he hid it for so dang long! oh dang...lorelai walked in. like major oh dang. now luke is really caught. guess everyone had to find out sometime!

okay...now wait just one minute here...we definately read lorelai walks in...then nothing...we skip to luke's pre-pep talk pep talk. that is totally not cool...i wanted to know how he told her and her reaction and all that jazz!

OKAY...so totally interesting twist. Luke's daughter is going to be Richard's new secretary and her precence (sp) is requested at her dad's birthday party...and i am guessing that luke in this time line knows nothing about april! anywayz, i love twists!

ohh...intrigue...can't wait to see what emma finds when she confronts will! yay...i cannot wait for you to update this story or the broken road! okie dokie! have a nice day, and update soon!
1/11/2006 c15 48Michaela Martin
If it's not too much trouble can you send me a list of everybody's kids so I can keep them straight? I can keep Luke and Lorelai's kids centerd in my mind but I am having trouble knowing who belongs to who. Thank you. (Great story by the way.)
1/11/2006 c15 8Jaigagne
...O...o...nya, talk about a hit there. Nice job ^^ I hope that you can update soon. The thing that you have going is deffinatly one of the more long running good ideas that I've read here.

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