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11/16/2005 c12 8Jaigagne
Wow, (looks at the "Next time") Things are starting to move in this story, not that they weren't already but I'm just looking lol. I don't now about Lori's interest in a guys but I do look forward to your next chapter. Yeh, I know, that wasn't very helpfull...

11/15/2005 c12 gracie55
Hey. Just wanted to say that I love this story...and the story it's a sequel to (the chuppah one). As for Lori...how about Dominic?
11/15/2005 c12 3Charmedchic72
this is definately going to be nowhere near the longest review in history. i am super glad you updated, it has been awhile and this made me happy!

btw...did you know you have like 100 reviews now...that would make this like 101 (unless someone else has reviewed since i started reading...lol) that's all i guess...try to update soonish!
11/15/2005 c12 1Sarai
Nice chapter, and btw, insurance would pay for that opperation.
11/15/2005 c12 uscrocks
Are Rory and Logan ever going to make up? They need to and soon, he should be there instead of Jess. Please let it happen soon.
11/13/2005 c11 lukeandlorelailvr
oh ma god that chapter was AWESOME! i love ur writing, its pure genius. this is one of my favourite fics! i love it, please write more. UPDATE SOON. i am still very confused on what happened with logan. ah well cant wait until the naxt chapter

lukeandlorelailvr is my penname. im just 2 lazy to log in
11/5/2005 c11 Marigot Bleu
I really like this! All your new characters are interesting too, which is a rare thing. Please, please, please more Rory and Logan stuff, I am such a huge Sophie, and this "mysterious news with Jess by her side" is making me think of this coming Tuesday, and gets me all upset and frustrated inside lol I really wanna know what started the fight...can we have a L/D/J scene with them talking about it? Please? Great job, update this soon!
11/5/2005 c11 Perfect-Forever
Wow! That was one amazing update! You've got some hard-core raw talent!

I totally agree with you about Tristan! He's just a pain in the butt! You definatly prooved that point in this chapter as well! All he does is cause trouble! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve wiht him!

Glad to hear that the Tyler/Emma relationship isn't ruined! Keep that one going! It's definatly got potential!

Update soon!
11/4/2005 c11 18ProFfeSseR
Awesome chapter! Love Luke's spontanity and all the fighting families. Well done and can't wait to read more!
11/3/2005 c11 3Charmedchic72
hey, so i love the spontanaity (i cannot spell for anything!) anywayz, i think it is great that luke and lorelai just randomly decided to go away together, that is super sweet.

*OH* big surprise! or twist! whatever...Tristan is Sam's real dad! I really wanna know what happened to start that almost major fight. please write that!

also please update soon b/c i wanna know Rory's life altering news!

this has been a great distraction...but sadly now i have to go and write my research paper! please update soon!
11/3/2005 c11 9Luke'sGirl
The smutty chapter will probably be my favorite cahpter, as long as it's all L/L action! So hurry and update PLEASE! I love this story!
11/3/2005 c11 123123123123123po

love the story

u seriously need to give us more answers but

like willw e ever know what he said

and rory is one to be attrackied to tristan when shes married to logan

and whats the life alterngs news?

shes not pregnate is she
11/3/2005 c11 lollysamantha
that was really good...please update soon :-)
11/3/2005 c11 MaryKitty
hey i really love this story...but i was wondering before the next chapter could you do a recap of whos kids are whos and who belongs with who..i would reread it but im in college and dont have the time too but i am really into this story. im just confused on whos who...and i thoguth everyone hated dean maybe i missed the part when they befriended him...i dont know if its too much trouble ill just reread it when i have time thanks so much..and update soon
11/3/2005 c11 8Jaigagne
lol I loved it, the way you brought back Tristan, priceless. I look forward to more, and the LL was perfect.

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