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for So Not the Duel Drama

11/26/2013 c8 Yugiohfangirl
I love this fic of yours! It is so interesting and romantic especially the beginning with .Mai and Joey XD NICE ONE! Can you make a spin off of this with Joey finding out he is a descendent of that person? That would be very cool! Name him Jono (as everyone on the internet calls his Egyptian counterpart). Hope you like this ;)
11/13/2007 c6 homer

They all point their weapons (except Yami Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 1) at Will Du.

Numbuh 1: (sighs) I MEANT BAKURA! (To himself) idiots.

Numbuh 86: I heard that Nigel!

best part
5/14/2007 c8 32Rock Raider
Wow, that's some fic. It took me a whole day to read. I liked the scenes that spoofed Futurama & SpaceJam. & that duel was something else. Good tactic Yami Numbuh 4 used to stop Ron's soul from going to the Shadow Realm. Hope they can get the millenium items back at the Team World Tournament. Anyway, see ya.
12/30/2006 c1 ddstgre
please put in a team tipton zack cody maddie london
5/18/2006 c8 21xthedarkone
not bad mate if you like yugi/kp crossovers check out my own see what you think
2/9/2006 c1 7Darrinx
This Story Kicks Arse on so many levels you've combined some of my most favourite cartoons together really well this ones defiantly going in the FAVES NICE ONE MATE
2/3/2006 c3 dr-fanmai-lover
bervobervober if tranisn want know want know if mai good-gal he cood ask yami-4# if mai-good-gal

beides terisan-is @^&*it mai
1/13/2006 c8 2Lerasai
I'm sorry if this might sound judgemental (and from what I've read in your reviews you don't take very well to contradiction) so I'd like to start off by saying no offense meant. All in all, you have some really great ideas, and I know how hard it actually is to write the story in your mind, but half of it is written in script form and it just... made the whole story hard to take seriously. O_o; Skimmed through the first three chapters...laughing the whole time.. and I'm really really sorry. Anywho, I'm going to refrain myself from giving you a long speech about how to improve on this fanfiction, because I know you probably won't "listen" to me anyway. I just thought I'd call that to your attention. Once again, no offense meant, this is NOT a flame. I'm just trying to be helpful and failing miserably. ^ ^; Keep on writing!
12/23/2005 c8 mrhappybomb
that was a very good dtory it was the first KP YGO nad KND story i'v e ever read just keep up the good work
10/25/2005 c2 dr fanmai-lover
bervoberov once trisin&tea poroof they aer idoit they won,t forgave mai whan mai worked for daertz&the orhcalohs
10/6/2005 c6 dr fanmai-lover
bervbervobervobervobervobero you made a goof mai once hold the-uncopy-of the wangddragion-ra
9/24/2005 c8 14ellfie
nice story! i love crossovers! oo so joey is a desendant/rencarnation of a joey in the past! cool! update soon!

Ja ne!
8/23/2005 c8 dr fanmai-lover
bervobervobervo i paertacky-like youer teamwaorldaerc it aswome oh mai is my favorit yugi-oh-geril
6/20/2005 c2 ZeNfindr
wow judging from what you typed in this chapter you're implying Joey and Mai did it.

6/15/2005 c1 17charizardag
you should talk, all you do is insult everyone, and just bitch about stuff, and no one really cares what think! I don't really there is anyone here that agrees with you. so why don't YOU get a life? because my life is writing, and this the first of many stories I'll write. Your not smart enough to mess with me, so don't even try!
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