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1/4/2008 c1 2CappuccinoLover
LOL NICE work! At first it's a bit confusing but then if you read it more slowly you get it! It's amazingly hilarious!I'm very impressed! And I'm adding it to my favorites! I'm still laughing about "It was NOT Jack!" lol awesome!
4/29/2007 c1 24AriBelle89
That was hilarious! Good work! Although it would've saved me a lot of confusion if I had read that it was a parody first thing, whoops. Loved it, fantastic- you killed off Karen and Grace and that just makes my day! If I was the creator I'd have it be the Will&Jack show, who needs the redhead, anyways? THANX!
7/14/2006 c1 Kait
huh! was that supposed to make sense or just confuse us...
5/19/2006 c1 9pink-werewolf
WHAT! It was pretty funny at the beginning but the ending sucked. Though the part where it was all "it was ot Jack" was pretty funny.
1/27/2006 c1 32Princess SimbiAni Dreamz a'Luv
Um, okay, that was strange... and obviously sarcastic. 0_o


Sincerely, ~*SimbiAni*~

Luver of all that's sappy, cute, & aww-some!

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12/30/2005 c1 39elliott ashes
That was a really funny parody. Its sad when people write like that and not as a parody.
10/16/2005 c1 RisingWolf
BWAHAHA! I just read one of your drabbles on Will/Jack, then I went to your profile, only to come across what appeared to be a 'I've changed my mind'!Will. I was deeply annoyed that someone from the LJ comm would write something like this. Then I thought, "Hey. I've never read a Will/Grace fic. I like this author's style, so my first one might as well be one of her stories. Maybe I can figure out why people think that this is even possible". I resigned myself. I read the story. Thankyou for restoring my faith in humankind.
8/20/2005 c1 blurred
XD I was looking at your other stories, and came to this... And thought to myself, "WTF? This writer is so obviously a Will/Jack fan, what HAPPENED?"

Then I noticed it was a parody. XD

8/3/2005 c1 39AshGurl2897
cute and funny. lol.
8/1/2005 c1 1spanishlove
I liked it but killing grace was harsh. But in the words of my best friend "Whatever flaots your boat"
7/26/2005 c1 9LeenyMagic
Funny! At first I thought it was serious then i Read the ending and just laughed out oud for fifteen minutes! *adds to favorites* GREAT JOB!
7/23/2005 c1 34DeathByMushrooms

That was great. I would've liked it to be longer, but it's alright as is. Adding this to my faves. Good job.
6/19/2005 c1 Bee
When I first started reading this I thought, "Wow. Crappy. No thought put into it." But now that I've finished, I think it's refreshingly original and I really did like it. Made me laugh.
6/14/2005 c1 if i only had a name
Well this is interesting. I thought it was pretty funny and of course it wasnt Jack duh! anybody could see that it was ... LEO! Yeah thats right it was Leo. i thought it was funny about Karen being passed out on the couch and it didnt seem she had a pulse but no one noticed. but Grace should have lived i like Grace but w/e it was pretty funny.
6/12/2005 c1 5Beckie Gloom
*Giggles* You know I love this! I especially love the fact that it was NOT Jack McFarland... I've added this to my favourites already. It still makes me laugh out loud ^_^
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