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for If Tomorrow Never Comes

9/29/2014 c1 S
This story is fantastic!
8/7/2011 c4 2steph wwe fan
trish is in love, trish is in love hehehe love the fic :D
8/21/2005 c4 20Pinayprincesa
Tri has a crush,hehehehe:P SO cute and adorable;)
8/21/2005 c4 myheartthrobs4romeo
loving the story! seriously, i am. keep up the awesome work dude!
8/20/2005 c4 11darkbluecanvas

Eek...Can't wait for the Christian/Stacy date...they're so damn cute together! I can't stand it! lol...

Love you
7/19/2005 c3 Sailor Starlight Girl
First of all, yes, I couldn't be bothered logging in (since I'm doing this during class) and two, excellent chapter, I loved it! Very nice, though I never read the Jeff/Trish pairing though XD. Oh yeah, if you wanna, you can read my Randy/Stacy fic, if you'd like (I think it's going to be a love triangle though). But if you don't want to, that's okay too. Just a suggestion. =)

Can't wait to read more!

~ Sailor Starlight Girl
7/13/2005 c3 20Pinayprincesa
uh oh what's going 2 happen next?
7/12/2005 c3 Turquoisejem
Great third chapter
7/12/2005 c3 11darkbluecanvas
YES! Candy, darling, you've done it again. I can't wait for the next chapter. Christian is so sweet...*sigh*. And a double date? That could get interesting...although it doesn't sound like Trish wants to do anything. Buwahaha...you could sent Stacy and Christian out, and have Jeff crash her self pity party. Okay, I need to stop this and focus on my own stories! lol...I can't help that you inspire me!

Love ya!,

7/5/2005 c1 Jackie
6/22/2005 c2 Turquoisejem
Great Story
6/20/2005 c2 7kandiland
oh i like this story a lot so far, tis very interesting. from one kandi to another keep up the good work!
6/20/2005 c2 20Pinayprincesa
O Stace so likes Jay and Trish so likes Jeffy:D:D:D
6/19/2005 c2 11darkbluecanvas
Darling the suspense is KILLING ME! I'm so glad Christian saved Stacy. *sigh* And he's such a sweetheart. Granted, you have written much about him yet, but I'm still fixated. I simply cannot wait for the upcoming chapter. I mean, them talking? OH it WILL be amazing. Can't wait to see how it goes...tehehehe. Now if only my fic for you was this good...
6/15/2005 c1 darkbluecanvas
Candy! Since you wrote me such a beautiful review, I knew I had to do the same. What can I say...there's just something about you writing Christian/Stacy which lights up my life. I can't wait for an update...babe you wrote ONE chapter and you have me hooked! I honestly adore you, and I love talking to you on the forums.

By the way, I'm starting a new Jeff/Trish fic, just for you. Yes it's killing me to write that pairing, but anything for you love! Hope it's as good as this!

With love,

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