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for A Werewolf's Bond

6/15/2005 c1 1XLady LupinX
I really like this, usually I never review unless I really like the fic and this is one of them. Your story is great and very interesting, please update soon! I have been looking for something somewhat like this but this is even better than what i was originally looking for. I love it!
6/15/2005 c1 26Loethlin
That's interesting.

Despite the fact I don't like the mating for life in HP fics (even if it's a fact in the Werewolf RPG), your story interested me. I'd like to know what happened next, so... Update soon, please..?
6/14/2005 c1 6Crazyinulover
Awesomt i lovr it pleasew update soon
6/14/2005 c1 19Mizuki hikari
interesting continue ^ - ^
6/14/2005 c1 2PeshewaCoralie
Different(and kind of weird) way to put the whole mate for life thing but- i liked it!

keep on writing!

6/14/2005 c1 2Claire Felton
very good! i cant wait 4 the next chapter!
6/14/2005 c1 1Shellbert
interesting start- seemed slightly rushed. a little more detail would have been nice too. but I can't wait to see what's going to happen :-D
6/13/2005 c1 5Marstri
Really interesting concept, not to mention (gasp!) original, and even well written. One minor spelling tweak (should be "Pomfrey"), but very nicely done. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with this story.
6/13/2005 c1 28Lykaios Nyx
Oh that's good. I hope you update again soon.
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