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for A Werewolf's Bond

7/27/2005 c4 42Icy Sapphire15
'Oh of all the freaks in the world, he had to be stuck with the one with a temper problem!'

Better than the rabid fangirl freak Remmie.
7/26/2005 c10 11LemonadeLovers
nice job ^_^ I'll be watching for more good stories from you!
7/23/2005 c10 4EggyMiNa
O.O...I can't believe you ended it! Jeez! Well it was a sweet ending though, but Sirius never even do it with Remus! That prat Roy (who the crap? Was is he part of the real harry potter story?) raped Remus and Sirius doesn't get to have Remus? Hahaha nah just joking. At least their boyfriends now *wink wink*. This story is awesome! I had such detail that woww. I just can't belive it. Oh and Lily being part of the Marauder is much better than that #$%@*&% who friggin framed Sirius! HE should die! I seriously hate him...-_- lolz I'm being all bitchy...Ahh well this story was great! And I can't believe it was completed already! I really hope you would make another story! haha Expect me to review! ^^
7/23/2005 c10 2Moony'sWhiteWolf416
omg The best story I have ever read!
7/23/2005 c10 3andrea-88
Excellent am glad to have the closure in this story. i enjoyed it very much and way to go Moony!

Am looking forward to reading your other story
7/23/2005 c10 XXXXXXXXXXDeletedAccountXXXXXX
I liked the ending
7/20/2005 c9 andrea-88
Excellent! Loved how the tables were turned. Awaiting the next chapter
7/20/2005 c8 andrea-88
Oh My God! Excellent

what a sadistic person Roy is. I can't wait to see how it ends. Well Done indeed
7/20/2005 c7 andrea-88
Gr you did it again and I am totally hooked on this story and need to see how it ends - Hm I wonder if it is done bad time fo rme to think of that lol

7/20/2005 c6 andrea-88
Gr you evil person ending the chapter like that. I am so glad Sirius finally realized his feelings and I hope its not to late to save Remus. Excellent and I am off to the next chapter :o)
7/20/2005 c5 andrea-88
Gr Roy needs to be tortured severely for what he has done to Remus and company. I can't wait to see what happens next how will they get out of this one?

7/20/2005 c9 sanura black
your were real good with the visual descriptions..well describing in general.. whatever it was just good period.And yeah HBP was pretty dang good :)
7/20/2005 c4 andrea-88
Excellent! I can't believe Sirius was so close. Gr

I can't wait to read more I need to know how this ends up!
7/20/2005 c3 andrea-88
Excellent! Love how the story is comng about I am always left asking more questions. Great Job
7/20/2005 c2 andrea-88
Oh my good poor Prongs & Padfoot. I can't wait to read more. I love how you are describing the actons of Sirius and Remus I can picture it perfectly.
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