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7/12/2016 c24 2midnighthiatus
So much ooc-ness in this story but considering the year this was published and updated; I'm not really surprised
5/7/2015 c24 19PatrinePtn
I liked the fanfic but the ending is awful!

Really, so sometime Inuyasha get Kagome? No, thanks. I loved to read the entire thing, just wished to have skip this last part. Uhhggg
5/12/2014 c24 5TheScarletWrath
When I read the very end I was just like Fuckkkkkkkk...ugh she pregnant with his kid. Inuyasha was such an asshole in the end he still wouldn't let them be together. How selfish I was hoping he'd die but no. Anyways this was a really good fic and I liked it!
10/1/2013 c24 MangaGrl2665
That ending was awful! That's not drama! That's angst! I liked the rest of the story but the ending was horrible!
8/6/2013 c2 2AtemsDestinee
I believe this could be a good story, but the first chapter lost me because we are immediately hit with the fact that Inuyasha and Sango are together. No arguments, no soul searching, no buildup. And seeing as its a very... odd pairing, it would've been nice to see their love story blossom before Kagome and Miroku found out. I guess what I'm saying is that it is moving too fast. Maybe you do it in later chapters because that's your writing style, but it leaves too many unanswered questions in the beginning, including how Miroku can just easily pass through the well when the original story says only Inuyasha can pass through. A plothole that early in your story can be a deterrence. Just my humble thoughts and observations.

With Love,

6/18/2013 c12 MariaDelRosario
I loved the elf's they are awesome. I really hated Inuyasha and sango in this... especially Inuyasha. Keep writing it was good.
6/18/2013 c11 Guest
6/17/2013 c4 Guest
I like it
6/17/2013 c3 Guest
6/11/2013 c2 Ale cazares
Wow! I wonder what will happen to them?
6/11/2013 c1 MariaDelRosario
Yayaya! I love Miroku and Kagome as a couple I was looking for
one but I could find any good one until now. I hope your story is good.
5/16/2013 c20 Victoria
Damn! I love Yuki and Hiro! They are completely hilarious! And I love how Yuki is a monster without his coffee! Too funny! Really well done! It's very hard to write an original character and many others that I read are so…hollow for lack of a better word. But your elves are definately not! :)
3/19/2013 c24 Guest
ok I love the Miroku, Kagome characters and story... I hate how it ended! It's your story though. I loved the elf's they are awesome. I really hated Inu and sango in this... especially Inu. Now I have to go read a good Inu story. Keep writing it was good. Maybe another Miroku and kagome fic. Don't be so cruel to poor Inu, he has cute puppy ears!
12/24/2012 c3 kerrydwen
Umm.. no offence, but don't you think that your Inuyasha is a bit... infernal? Like, seriously.
11/30/2012 c24 Guest
I think you should seriously write second story to this, only make it a Inu/Kag. Despite what the other reviewers think. Inuyasha was considerate for along time. And he mated her to save her life. Kagome still loved him, even though she didn't want to.

It would be nice to see Shippo, Kiara, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and the elves again. Inuyasha has had 500 years to redeem himself... I'd read it. Even when he kidnapped her he was still concerned about her safety, He could be a good guy in the future. He's simply waiting on his mate.

It's not like he could have anyone else through those years, they mate for life. What else is he to do?
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