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for Requiem for an Angel

11/28/2009 c1 Evil
"It was ok. I wish people would do a Janine and Kylie pairing though."

You said it man... and it wasn't ok... it wasn't even that
7/6/2005 c1 27Zebeckras
Very lovely, very much indeed. I can say a lot about this fic and I have very little space in which to do so, so I'll try to sum it up... Really good understanding of the characters. Excellent angst. Much, much better than "ok". ;) I do tend to ship Egon and Janine, but have my doubts as to how long they'd last; and in any case a fic where the characterizations are this strong is a pleasure to read, regardless of romantic pairings. Thumbs up!
6/20/2005 c1 Mist
A very deep and complex spectrum of emotions. Excellently done. This fic is very plausible in real life. The driving force of the emotions behind the events were very well explained. Part of me wishes to see how Peter, Ray and especially Winston reacted to the truth when Egon told them. A sequel perhaps from the guys' perspectives? ^_ That would be great! You are an excellent writer. That totally wrenched my heart strings. Beautfully Dramatic and Wonderfully Bitter Sweet. I hope to read more of your work again soon. Once again Excellent Job! ^_^
6/16/2005 c1 Abadon 666
It was ok. I wish people would do a Janine and Kylie pairing though.
6/15/2005 c1 Mythic Rose
What a truly beautiful, poignant story. It's not often that a piece of fan fiction moves me to tears, but this one really got to me. Thank you, Audrey. Wonderful.

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