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2/10/2007 c2 1EnchantedPencil
OMG u are an amazing writer I started playing I'm Just A Kid on Youtube as soon as I finished the chapter. I cried during Kat's past and I cried during Temp's past cause that's basically my friend's story also. Hey check out my story, Sunset Rose!GREAT WRITING!
2/2/2006 c1 1Lady Rina
Nice story. *glances over at katandshadow vaguely* Yes, she has a tendecy of making all of us read stories that she believe kicks ass. But she was right, this was a nice chapter. I remember seeing that movie, The Newsies, in 9th grade during a field trip to a Music College. It was presented on the bus trip there, so I made myself watch it, instead of chucking out cans of coke on the highway(like the others).

Well, enough rambling, I'm interested in this, and thus I shall read the next chapter. (and quite possibly I will watch the movie again so I know all the character traits and so on).

1/29/2006 c2 110Katraa
Yay, it twas about me xD I feel like so honored. and for that.. I'm putting you in sabbatical along with And- I mean star. Just you too wait, mwahah. Anyways, I love this story, can't wait to see what character is next. Tell me when you update.

See you at school

1/29/2006 c1 Katraa
I love that song =3 and the fact I'm in this *chuckle* Kewl plot twists.. of doom! *onwards to next chapter*
8/13/2005 c2 14Stills and Photographs
Aw, for pete's sake, woman! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! Or, call your very intelligent friend who lives down the road, because she has an IDEA!

Thank you for your time.
7/8/2005 c2 3Meggily
aw...poor bumlets;so sad, our favorite fan-spinning newsie. anyway, i like ya story (so and i was just gunna tell ya dat i ain't gunna write anymore on the "pints to papes" story. Why? I dunno, i jist do like how its toinin' out and it reminds me 'a school(the whole reason i had to write it was for dis dumb school project about the "wild west;" If I had it my way, Jack nevah woulda left New lol). Okay, i tink dat i'se bored you enuff so...

Over an' out,


P.S.I love talking in the new york accent...tehehehe
6/18/2005 c1 bestfriend
Hey, This was awsome. Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep writing.
6/15/2005 c1 Buttons14
Sorry about that! I don't know what happened!


It was good and it had a good idea, but it seemed rushed.
6/15/2005 c1 15Buttons14
Wow. *blinks* Wow.

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