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for Remy Hood

3/6/2014 c2 sarah
I think peter pan would be a good Idea
3/6/2014 c1 sarahlock
you gotta send me a picture of him in the chicken suit!
1/25/2012 c10 12Raven34link
LOL i wonder if she knocked him out with a kiss
1/24/2012 c9 Raven34link
nice save Rogue LOL i love Kitty's reaction to hears that theres a mouse there
1/24/2012 c7 Raven34link
LOL she sure does love slapping him XD
1/23/2012 c4 Raven34link
LOL Rogue and Raven beating up Jean
1/22/2012 c3 Raven34link
LOL like mother like daughter
1/22/2012 c2 Raven34link
i think Pyro is doing pretty good with his role
1/22/2012 c1 Raven34link
this is going to be fun ^_^
5/30/2011 c9 30PyrusAngel
I'm loving this so far but I must say. if Lightning is Storm & Logan's son while Raven & Racheal are Remy & Rogues kids while Jean & Scott have a son and I can't for get Kitty & Piotr's little girl...but...It makes me want to know Do Wanda & Johnny have a kid? Or maybe X23 & Pietro? IDK from there I inserted some of my other favorite characters. (like SamXJubes, BobbyXTabby, BertoXAmara, adn Angel & my OC but those are just me)

Either wy I have to finish & don't worry I'm continuing on to the other ones.
3/23/2011 c9 Person who loves this parody
Good Pyro...Good Pyro...Good Pyromaniac. Anyone who whaps Scott upside the head with a stick is good in my book.
3/23/2011 c8 Person who loves this parody
3/23/2011 c7 P
I bet if Rogue did her Rachel imitation to Remy she would get what she wanted...Wait. All she has to do is ask and he'd give it to her. Except if she asked him to leave her alone, that is...
3/23/2011 c6 Person who loves this parody
(Sigh)...Romy...Romy...Romy...WAIT A MINUTE! Did I just type that? Whoops. Sorry, I'm a bit obsessed. This was so sweet. Remy loves Rogue and Rogue loves Gambit. Most people don't really understand the depth of their love. I mean, Gambit works for Magneto, and Rogue's an X-man. How's this going to work out? It's like Romeo and Juliet. Forbidden love. And if Magneto really actually found out about it? He'd probably kill Remy (Sob)in a slow, painful way, and then go after Rogue and kill her too. Though, Gambit's death would probably be a bit more painful, him actually working for Magneto.
3/23/2011 c5 Person who loves this parody
How sweet...Could you do Aladdin? I know that somebody already did a Jott (I HATE THAT WORD AND COUPLE!) with it, but...It fits so well. You know, Swamp Rat, Street Rat? The whole thief thing? Princess don't like Prince? Er, Street Rat? (Or, at least not at first! HEE HEE HEE!)
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