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1/17/2006 c21 46ozma914
I don't blame you for not putting the breakin into a scene. The technical details of that kind of operation would be a headache, and far too easy to get wrong. I run kicking and screaming from that kind of thing, myself.
1/6/2006 c20 ozma914
Jeez, another cliffhanger - HOW is Xander going to blow that door? You have me waiting with bated breath. And if you've ever had bated breath, you understand what a nasty wait that can be...
12/29/2005 c20 Allen Pitt
Skynet sends people 'back'... will the resistance send anybody back also? It might be neat to see a child of Dawn Summers show up... are there any slayers in that future or did all the Potentials get killed? Speaking of which, perhaps Giles could call a few watchers he knows personally and urge them to go into hiding with their charges? Warn the coven in England?

* Any chance that instead of hiding in a cave they might "just" switch to a different dimension (such as Pylea) to ride out Judgment Day itself?
11/29/2005 c19 ozma914
I'd always wondered about Anya's power source, myself. She's smart to keep it secret! The story's coming along nicely, you've obviously covered all the bases.
11/21/2005 c13 ozma914
I'm still trying to catch up, but I wanted to drop by and let you know how much I still enjoy the premise and the way you're having everyone deal with it. It wouldn't have been believable if they'd simply dropped everything and hidden without thinking of contacting friends and relatives, or trying to work through the problem in other ways.
11/13/2005 c7 ozma914
Well, that's ... certainly laying on the crisis. I think it's safe to say you couldn't do much more to build up the tension than an unstoppable judgement day. I'm thinking about stocking up on canned goods, myself. :-)
11/12/2005 c4 ozma914
I can't imagine why anyone would complain about chapter length. Just write a good story, which you are (I realize I'm a whole bunch of chapters behind in reading it, but I have no reason to believe the quality went down), and the chapter length doesn't matter. Anyway, everyone must have caught on to how serious things are - Xander didn't complain about Angel coming even once. :-)
11/11/2005 c2 ozma914
Sorry I've been so slow at getting to this story. I love the concept, and you've done a great job of communicating the panic Buffy feels when she gets her - um - revelation.
9/5/2005 c19 Allen Pitt
Thanks for the explanation on the Anyanka/Wish question -that was bugging me ( one wonders what would have happened if Dark Willow had made a wish about tara at end of season 6 )-also, the Wish has to result in a lot of pain, ie An. would have to twist it so that people weren't happy with the result... (hey, is Dawn Anya's new power source? That'd be...evil )

Will there be anyone coming back from the future, on the 'good' side? It'd be nice to see summers descendant...

They really should break faith out of jail -if she dies they'll probably not be able to locate the next slayer in time, and they need her badly...

* One possibility- instead of finding a place in South America to hide-open a portal to Pylea -it's out of Skynet's reach...ride out the nukes, and in fact use it as a base from which to 'raid' skynet, keep refugees, store supplies, that sort of thing. Using guns and an army they could deal with any 'bad' Pyleans easily enough.
9/2/2005 c19 9Darklight
Great going, but what about Connor and his mom those two should have all raw emotions and vengeance toward Skynet kniwing about what he's going to do and the two Terminators it send after them, maybe not stop it but wishing that Skynet would become a normal human being hunted by it's own creations.

Keep teh chapts coming
8/29/2005 c18 8Miss Lesley
Good story, strong story like. Where is Spike?
8/28/2005 c18 9Darklight
Yes Buffy's quick money scheme to steal it from the demons like Shark isn't going that easy. Like they would have that much money in the first place? At least not the amounts the gang needs.

Get more chapters out soon.
8/13/2005 c17 Darklight
keep 'm coming, so Anya going to stock up her place with all the convinieces of the modern world before it gets bombed into the darkages?

Also anya losing money to the coming war, so she going to cash in all her money.
8/13/2005 c17 Allen Pitt
Shouldn't there be a "good" visitor from the future at some point? Maybe a Summers descendant? Just wondering...

Good point about calling Riley-that could be critical even if he keeps it low level and just "happens" to assign his team to duty in south america -his wife must have contacts there, they met there after all...

* Contacting John Connor & mom is critical, they have Terminator-figting experience and my bet is his mom has arms caches and the like scattered over north & south america "just in case" or from before the 2nd film...

* Among ideas they really really won't like: they could have Angel vamp volunteers, with Willow restoring souls, for a group of fighters who are extra strong, extra self- healing, and harder to kill etc (my guess is this would be a few years down the road when they get really desperate...

* Too bad Adam's dead, he could probably have taken over Skynet...or maybe Skynet is HIM, xferred into the 'net?

Their biggest advantage is definitely teleportation -even later during the war, being able to move small groups around like that is an amazing advantage... it'd drive Skynet nuts.

* * I realize it won't happen for plot reasons alone-but why doesn't someone at least suggest that someone make a vengeance wish to Anya something like "I wish Skynet would have a total systems failure right now!" as long as it's phrased so somebody ends up in a lot of pain, D'Hoffryn would likely allow it-
8/5/2005 c16 Darklight
he he not a good reaction to Faith, keep the chapters coming, so who is Anya going to warn to get out of the big cities when the nukes are going to fly.
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