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for Random Idiocy 3: Nemesis

8/22/2010 c3 4Riia
Dude, Awesome. I Always thought that zombie games are almost completely unrealalist or filled with stupid people. Hey you should totaly mention the part with getting the book/compass for the mayor statue. Our favorite family inside joke is "You NEVER know when you city is going to be overtaken by Zombies and your going to need a common battery." That was really ridiculous. Youre story made me laugh out loud and I was really excited to show it to my brother. I cant wait till you write about the stupid couple that fall for everything. Thanks for all of it. GOOD JOB!
10/3/2008 c1 57snarryvader81
"He cannot be bargained with. He cannot be reasoned with. He doesn’t feel pain, or pity, or remorse."

Terminator reference? Hehe.

Anyway, this is so awesome! So far I haven't really found any Resident Evil parody fics that hold my attention, but I love this!
3/26/2008 c3 TheMan123
you should show more HUNK thats worth a chapter or 2 long plz
2/11/2006 c3 ShadesOfBlood
Woot, update! Tis just as funny as the other two chapters!
1/11/2006 c2 acidninjacake
Ahaha! Sorry it tok me ages to review, but this was brilliant! Go you! It was amasing, the best one so far, i shall read the next chapter tomorrow!
1/4/2006 c3 Viralpalooza
I love it! Totally hilarious!
12/9/2005 c3 8Hyperactive Hamster Of Doom

Hee hee... this is funny. I love the BOW translations, the note from Chief Irons and the flashbacks, as well as the bit where Nemmy was trying to kill Brad properly. But my favourite bit of all:

“My name is Mikhail Victor. Tell me comrade, you from Russia?”.

“Yes, Moscow. You?”

“Saint Petersburg. USSR for life, man.”.


I don't know why that amused me so much; it just did. :D

Nice parody, and very funny. Keep up the good work!

12/8/2005 c3 Ominae
BWAHAHA! Ricky's a dumdum and Nicholai forgot that he's working for Umbrella. Darn Communist!
8/26/2005 c2 5nejiandtenten
7/18/2005 c2 ShadesOfBlood
I love the journal/diary enteries, please put more in the next chapter. The whole chapter had me laughting.
7/16/2005 c2 GeneralMasamune
ROFL! You should make more of thesse- maybe Leon next time or something... but it's great. Keep writing.
7/15/2005 c2 2Sweetest Malificia
Aw! Poor Nemmy! ^^ Another great chapter!
7/12/2005 c2 6Jahiro19
I definitely love it!

This is one of the few hilarious stories I've read. I couldn't stop laughing through this. You have a talent for writing parodies. Please keep going!
7/12/2005 c2 Lauren
MAN! This is so hilarious! I always thought Jill was kind of stupid. And here she is acting like a total dumbass!
7/12/2005 c2 Bill
That chapter was fricken hilarious! Nemisis impaling Brad in the wrong places was funny! XD XD XD XD Nuf said!
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