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10/7/2007 c9 Firebird766
Man, it's been a long time since you've updated. I just hope that means the next chapter is really long! =^_^=
6/7/2007 c9 9Tylec Asroc
Very cool puzzle sequence as Kite traverses the half-complete/half-destroyed secret rooms. I was hoping for some development regarding the transformed Morganna's - and we do get teaser images - but I guess the other cast members still need to prep themselves before anyone can meet or interact with the new crow maelstrom.

I'm trying to figure out when Morganna wrote her Note 01 - the possible timeline begins with Infection, I'm guessing, since it sounds like she still has authority over Aura, and the capacity to "give up" on the girl, but before Quarantine, since Morganna hasn't grown desperate enough to awaken Macha, and is ready to leave Mia to her own affairs.
5/1/2007 c9 Firebird766
An ampersand virus core? *grins* I'd have never thought of it...
4/29/2007 c9 RiverAiden
Amazing! I really wish I could read stories like this more often. I swear, if it wasn't for the annoying buzzing noise, I'd say I'm reading a novel.
4/29/2007 c9 bobo124
This is good, I haven't encountered very many worthwhile .hack fics. I am glad to have found this. Keep up the good work.
4/28/2007 c9 3Scop
Doing well, Steeple! I like how you're presenting this new mystery. How does something unexpected and inexplicable happen in this virtual world, where everything is in control? Something like this, which baffles the snot out of those supposedly in control.

Looks like you /are/ a 'Latin dork.' ;P

Nicely-mangled Nietzshe quote, too. ;)
4/28/2007 c9 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
finally an update, i've been wanting one for a while. I like how you brought Kite in. Been missing him somethin harsh since GU's started. Interesting use for the bracelet...though i thought of something like that first :P Nice job pulling Corbenik out of your ass like that. I had to read that set of lines twice before it clicked what i just saw. Hope to see the other phases soon. Skeith...HA! That would be a friggin reunion right there.
4/28/2007 c9 Chaos009
To sleep... to dream again... To wake to reality beyond what we wish... what remains? What is left? Can there be a purpose? Is it possible? Can life be given a second time? A goddess, a goddess no longer - fallen, yet not gone completely... Is there hope left?
4/25/2007 c9 Tasogare
New chapter!

Fili... I can`t believe it! Aura has a brother/sister! I only hope his/her father will be Harold because this already is weird sufficiently.@.@

You changed completly your stile in this last chapter, It was more serious but with the idea of drama, I guess. In a fact It was a good chapter but a turn of 360 degrees.

Wow, Lory has a family! well, She is a normal woman in the real world :)
4/25/2007 c9 Wolfy
Whoop! *death glomp* You're alive and update! Yay! Poor Morgona-san. And now I wonder who Fili is? And what the heck is Corbenik doing back here again? Nyah~

Remember to smile cuz' Jesus loves ya!~
3/1/2007 c8 3Scop
Cool stuff, Steeple! I only ever saw one or two episodes of .hack on TV, and my experience with MMO's is very limited, but I think you're making this world understood... The pieces of fantasy and the meta framework that makes it go... It's cool.
2/27/2007 c1 ttttt
The name is spelled as Macha, even though it is pronounced "Maha".
2/17/2007 c8 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
Interesting. Morgana feeling human emotions? i tried that once with an OC...lost intrest in it. Though...i'm thinking of making a post-GU .hack fic...and your little piece gave me some ideas. perhaps we could...arrange a creation together. (writer's block, lack of interest in much of anything; something i call "shikamaru syndrome" and Narutimate Hero 3 keep me from writing as often) help or ideas would be appreciated. i'll be watching this for updates...
1/30/2007 c8 Firebird766
*sneaks up behind Morganna and gives her a great big hug*

Hug attack!

Poor girl... I hope she won't be tormented for much longer...

On another note: PLEASE DON'T KILL HER AT THE END! Morganna doesn't deserve to die...erm...again... (?)

(Remember me from Gaia?)
1/17/2007 c8 AFoxOnPluto
wow this story is so~ good! X3 I hope u update soon cause I can't wait till the next chapy! X3
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