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12/11/2005 c3 Morgana13
I lurv it Steepl3!

Oh boy, torturing

Morgana is some what fun for the both of us.
12/10/2005 c5 re weird
Hey, it's your beta-reader here. i'll just re-iterate the things I said while I read: It's awesome. I love your characterizations and the Aura=Christ metaphor. Deep, man. I like the Twin blade event and as for your questions:

I want Kite to win!

But I belive Kite and Sora should tie, because they're pretty much equal.

Keep on going, imouto. I can't wait for the next chapter. =3
11/14/2005 c4 4Darian Aidyn
Hi I liked your story there was only one error i could detect. Chapter 3 didn't show up all the way it seemed like you had problems uploading it. But thats ok i liked how the story went you spun a unique tale. I really like how you broke the standard making morganna the protaginist.
10/17/2005 c4 that guy who does crazy stuff
Sorry for not reviewing earlier. I was eating that... sushi stuff.

Anyway, there's not any faults that I can find, so the only error would be a difference in style. As for my last rant of a review (they all are) I was wondering if you would mention Aura anywhere in your fanfic, just out of shere curiosity. Also, if you ever want any ideas, just ask. Still, you made fairly tough riddles. I only got the last one correct (to the letter) as I have a strange tendency to get riddles related to medical conditions correct.

Not a bad plot development so far, but I was wondering you could be so kind as to increase the length of your posts, and add a little more interesting ideas. Like dry humor. Which I lack.
10/13/2005 c4 Chris Turner
I definitely like it! I've said this before in real life, but I'll say it again: I think that it's cool to tell Morgana's side of the story, as she is, in many ways, very misunderstood. My dad said that she was kind of like Frankenstein's monster: brought into this world as part of an experiment and intended to be discarded, her will to live drives her to do the unthinkable. Very cool!

10/7/2005 c4 7Katreda
I don't remember clearly this fic but it was about Morganna... anyways, It was really fun reading this chapter.
10/2/2005 c4 re weird
Me again. You're so greedy! Anyways, my former comments stand: I love the event (So original) and I can't wait for more. Is the random Japanese really best, though? Well, I'll leave it to your discretion.
8/25/2005 c3 Tenko
I don't see too much .hack fanfiction, so I'm glad to not only to have found one, but that the one that I found is also a good one. I like how you have Morganna act somewhat true to herself even if she is a PC, now, and the fact that her emotions affect things is an interesting twist. You don't see Morganna in too many fictions, at all, so the fact that she's here is good too. I like how you describe the Root Towns and the OC's too. I'm looking forward to the next chapters of this.
8/23/2005 c1 Banshou
Yeah it's me...

I've read it and now I'm reviewing it...

Overall it was good, nothing bad about it, although it's not neccecarily my place to say...

sorry it took so long, I'm looking foward to the next cut, I start burning the CDs immidiatly...
8/17/2005 c3 re weird
Hey, it's me! I really like your writing-it's improved so much! I can't wait to see the next one, hint, hint. I'll be interested in seeing where this story goes.
8/2/2005 c3 1kitedragon
If I heard somebody tell me that, I would feel upset about the injustice, or possibly even angry. But Morgana takes teasing too far. It's just mild teasing, but. Anyway, maybe she should have anger management classes. jk.

Nezumi, or Mouse (lol. He's small irl.) seems like an unusual fellow, but Morganna is now getting more friends on her friends list. Also, after playing MMORPGs for some while, you story makes The World seem fairly peaceful, and user friendly.

I wonder when Morganna will start going to very high level dungeons, if ever at all. And your discription of how Morganna controls the system still arouses suspisions of what it may turn out to be like. Bah... I havn't been on so long, and now that my typing speed has increased, I'm typing everything too long.

btw, gl hf is suppose to be short for, good luck, have fun. Zhis is your first fanfic.
7/14/2005 c3 7Katreda
Oh she was nice to him, and she was right, those girls... greuh. ^^;
7/13/2005 c2 Katreda
Morganna. Morganna. MORGANNA? haaha wow, I never thought I would be reading a fic about morganna, alone a fic in which she's not manipulating anyone. Very good fic, steeplee3. I will add it to my favorites to keep up with the updates. And thank you for reviewing my fanfic, that's nice of you
7/10/2005 c3 Chaos009
Very good; it's an interesting look at Morganna as a person, not just as an enemy. I want to see where this will go.
7/2/2005 c3 Inv4der T4k
Well! That was a refreshing lesson in episodes. ^_^ I'm becoming more and more impressed with your work, Steepuru-san. I look forward to seeing what Obaachan will be up to next.
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