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for The Life of Youko Kurama

4/25/2006 c1 NOIP
so sweet!

i lov it!

ur a great author!

rite on!(get it?)^-^'
9/26/2005 c1 16Yami no Kokoro
Hey, it's me. I really like how you worked through this- it was a difficult topic to undertake. I figured that sticking all the highlights of Kurama's life into a 20 word one-shot probably wouldn't turn out very well- it's a lot of life to write about- but you managed it nicely. You started out with him thinking of Kuronue and, though the middle seemed a little crowded with all of the tidbits of Kurama's human life, you managed to pull it back together at the end by pulling Kuronue in again.

In my humble opinion I think you've got some real talent, but you should probably try to bite off a smaller chunk at a time for your future one-shots, maybe talk about the aspect of Kurama's growing humanity in one and leave his thoughts about Karasu for a seperate one. You know? One shots are short, and so you had to sort of rush past Kurama's grief over Kuronue's death and his fear of Karasu so that you could fit all the facts in.

Still, you're writing has real promise. Keep it up!

9/12/2005 c1 8Count Napula
Great story, I really like how it's written. It is really wonderful how it is not only from Youko's point of view but it shows so much about his feelings and how he fights the change ocurring within him. An excellent piece of writing.
8/27/2005 c1 41lazy fat kitsune
cool! i like it lots..^^
8/21/2005 c1 2natsumi-chan
Great story! I thought you nailed his personality! For a newbie, you're an excellent writer, and I do hope you'll continue to work on fanfiction! *glomps* Nice job!

P.S: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the review! It really cheered me up, and if you ever want to talk on Messenger or anything sometime, feel free to bug me! ^_^
7/26/2005 c1 Spirit Bagel of Death
Okay, First of all, I really, really don't want you to consider this a flame, or think I'm mean after I write this. I must tell the truth, is all.

I could not even finish reading this, though the concept admittedly, was tempting, and I shall tell you why. Your writing style, though reeking with potential, is very, very flat and dull. You tell, rather than show, and the result is a tight, constrictive narrative that provokes absolutely no curiosity. I suggest that you try some guided imagery or do some thing to stimulate your imagination a bit more. Also, don't try to make everything perfect. Allow yourself some imperfection, some impulse, so that maybe the true flavor of your words can come to the surface. Keep writing!
6/25/2005 c1 14Reasons For Laughing
That was really good! ^.^ It was told from a nice perspective, and told in a very Youko-ish form, I thought. Keep up the good work! I'd love to read something else of yours!
6/18/2005 c1 10BlackRoseVixen05
Wow, I totally loved this story. Great job. ^_^ 5 stars, baby! 5 stars! :D

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