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11/14 c24 3Romans623andJohn316
I just read this all in like a day. It was AMAZING! I loved it so much! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for writing such an awesome story!
11/7 c24 rintindaff
I think you did a fantastic job with this whole story! The development was set at a pace that was perfect, not too drawn out nor was it too fast and dramatic. Great job!
5/28 c24 2paping06
this was just... WOW. I never felt compelled to review a single Dramione fanfic till this. this was just so beautiful. The way it ended broke my heart in the best possible way.
2/17 c24 redar
Wow. that was NICE. I don't usually write reviews but I felt like this one immensely deserved it.
1/24 c1 Onyxwiings
I am SO HAPPY i found this fic again! I read it years ago when I was really into Dramione fanfiction and last night I got a hankering for some Dramione and when I came across this it all came rushing back! I wish I could find some of the other old ficus I read.
1/8 c24 2the-so-in-soda
LOVED this! so fluffy and amazing at the endwhat a beautiful way to conclude each of their journeys
1/6 c4 TopazFlameWitch
Loved it! Yes I agree it was important to have something traumatic in her past.
12/26/2021 c24 Laura92
I‘m currently stuck in bed with COVID, feeling super sick and pretty depressed about having to isolate over Christmas… with nothing to do I decided to go back to some gold old Dramione (after years) and this story just made my day! Feeling so happy now! :) Thank you so much!
11/2/2021 c24 Jade.Cookoo
11/2/2021 c23 Jade.Cookoo
You deserve so much more than my simple appreciation but for now i am gonna say it is supercalafragilisticexpialladocious
11/2/2021 c22 Jade.Cookoo
11/2/2021 c17 Jade.Cookoo
11/2/2021 c12 Jade.Cookoo
11/2/2021 c8 Jade.Cookoo
Yo Yo Yo
11/1/2021 c5 Jade.Cookoo
Yaas Queen
You are Brilliant
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